Staff Picks

Chic Newborn Gifts

From shagreen frames to beautifully crafted book sets, see what our team of experts is buying.


Alexandra Willkie Pasanen, Buyer & Manager of Fashion Partnerships

"Working at Maisonette has seriously upped my baby-shower gifting game. Below are some of my favorites for spring babies. They're unisex, too, which makes them perfect for friends doing a delivery-room gender reveal!"


Phoebe de Croisset, Director of Editorial and Special Projects

"It’s all in the details when it comes to chic newborn gifts, whether that's adding a monogram or splurging on really beautiful cashmere. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. I love the idea of a shagreen frame instead of the classic silver. This one will lovingly hold baby's first picture. Bonus points if you print it out and slip it in the frame ahead of time!"


Tamera Ferro, Vice President of Marketing

"I try to steer away from the generic pink and blue newborn themes; I'm all about fun prints. Lewis' oyster print is everything, and I love a gingham moment, too. The Clover and Birch gym would also make for a surprising gift."


Diana Richter, Brand Director

"As a voracious reader, I always love to include books as part of a gift for a newborn. This Mary Poppins set is especially great because it is beautiful on the shelf in the newborn years. When they are ready to read, the books will inspire adventure and curiosity. And don't forget to add something cozy and fun for them to wear while you read to them!"