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          Boys' Pants

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              Bochy Pants, Pearl BlueBochy Pants, Pearl Blue

              Bochy Pants, Pearl Blue

              Young Days

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              Boys’ Pants

              Make every outfit a statement with boys’ pants from Maisonette. From cozy drawstring pants to pulled-together dress pants, he’ll stand out (in the best way). Choose from jeans, corduroy styles, chinos, and stretchy elastic waistbands that feel fresh and effortless while being comfortable enough to end up in his everyday rotation. Shop your favorite brands like Me & Henry, Tea Collection, Little English, Caramel, Primary, and the Simple Folk.

              Boy Sweatpants, Leggings and Joggers

              For hanging around the house, grab drawstring joggers in organic cotton or soft fleece - with a slouch fit he’ll pick up again and again. For boys’ sweatpants or loungewear (that you feel comfortable with him wearing in public), go for a more tailored pair that can transition from school to practice. Prints, track stripes, and tie-dye add to his personality and style.

              Boy’s Khakis and Chinos

              If you’re planning a special event or need a crisp look for a school uniform, religious services, or performance, khakis and chinos paired with a blazer over a polo or collared boys’ shirt are a perfect fit. For a more casual vibe, try nautical seersucker and breezy, airy linen for a stylish alternative for warm weather pants.

              Boys’ Athletic Pants

              Let’s face it, boys’ clothing takes a beating, and pants seem to be the trickiest to keep in good shape for active kids. Stock up on basics like athletic pants in pull-on styles made from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics and a relaxed fit. Pair them with graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and boys’ shoes for a relaxed, casual and complete outfit that moves with him.