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        Join Our Fam-bassador Community!

        The Details:

        We’re building a diverse community of fam-bassadors who believe that what you consume for your kids matters. Fam-bassadors are creative and thoughtful individuals who are just as family-minded as we are, with an inclusive definition of what family can be. They’re passionate about finding the best products for the ones they love—and can’t wait to share the results of their research and discoveries. Fam-bassadors are always looking for guidance and support during the parenting process—from how to deal with sleep regressions to ideas for celebrating special milestones. This community is meant to be a resource for all of it: parenting tools, tricks, tips and current obsessions.

        The Benefits:

        • 15% commission on all sales driven - tracked and paid via Impact Radius, our affiliate platform. We PROMISE it’s easy to set up and use—and, most importantly, we will be here every step of the way to help.
        • 15% off all future Maisonette purchases
        • Access to our monthly newsletter
        • Plus, perks and surprises along the way

        How to Join:

        • Sign up through the affiliate link below
        • Share how Maisonette is part of your world on both your IG grid and stories. Be sure to tag @maisonetteworld and #fambassador so we can see! Whatever you create and post should feel 100% authentic to you and your mini.