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            Sailor Beach DollSailor Beach Doll

            Sailor Beach Doll

            Sandy Beach Doll


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            So'Pure Rubberwood Boat, Orange/WhiteSo'Pure Rubberwood Boat, Orange/White

            So'Pure Rubberwood Boat, Orange/White

            Sophie la Girafe

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            Baby Bath Toys

            Around six months, when babies can sit up by themselves and show more interest in toys, is a great time to start introducing bath toys. Babies and toddlers are attracted to bright colors and exploring cause and effect. Bath toys in primary shades that squirt, cups that pour, and other toys that attach to the wall of the bathtub are all fun additional to bathtime. Maisonette's collection of baby bath toys includes creatures like quick-dry sea creatures, safari animals, bugs, and butterflies.

            For a literary fix babies love turning the pages of bath books in squishy fabrics. Boats that float with coordinating fish or even pirates that babies can push throughout the bath. As babies can start to have more motor skills and grip, bath crayons will entertain them as you suds up with bubble bath and gentle baby shampoo. Dry off with a baby towel or robe because nothing is sweeter than a baby in a hooded towel trimmed in a charming print. We also carry all the essentials for baby’s bath like moisturizer and cleanser along with baby toothbrushes, soft wooden hair brushes, cheek balm for winter months from brands like Noodle & Boo, Palorama, Erbaviva, and Petite Plume.