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        best gifts for new moms from parents on our team


        Best Gifts For New Moms

        While an itty bitty baby outfit is hard to resist, expectant mothers have spent the last few months preparing for a newborn, so why not ease the transition with a gift just for her?

        Because you don't know what you don't know until you're feeding a tiny person 24/7, we asked real moms to share the surprise hits and saving graces they think are the best gifts for new moms during those first blurry weeks. Hint: It's not about the baby.
        Christian Högstedt

        An Eye Mask

        While I'm not normally a mask person, trying to "sleep when the baby sleeps" in middle of the day required leveling up and investing in a proper eye mask. A mask is also super helpful in the hospital if you're there for any extended period of time. -KC
        an eye mask for new moms from Smalls Merinoan eye mask for new moms from Smalls Merino

        A Kit with Breastfeeding Essentials

        Giving unsolicited advice on breastfeeding is a no-go, but dropping off the tools that worked for you can be a lifesaver in the middle of the night when the baby is starving, and a new mom is down to try anything. If they're breastfeeding, I'd pack a small basket with a water bottle, chapstick, lactation-boosting foods, and a list of your favorite shows to stream or books to read. -LP
        A Kit with Breastfeeding EssentialsA Kit with Breastfeeding Essentials

        Period Underwear

        A lot of women are woefully unprepared for the physical challenges that come with the postpartum period so I like to invest in items that will allow them to feel a bit more human during the healing process. A fancy pair of period underwear or a luxurious robe they can slip on and off while adjusting to “on-demand” breastfeeding can make all the difference. -SV
        period underwear for new momsperiod underwear for new moms

        A Luxe Lip Balm

        My go-to beauty look before having a baby was a red lip, but it was a lot less less cute on my newborn's bald little head. Enter Henné Luxury Lip Balm. The sleek metal tube feels satisfying in your pocket, while the creamy formula with coconut oil and coconut butter feels great on your skin. -KC

        Henné Organic Luxury Lip Balm Henné Organic Luxury Lip Balm

        Ice Cream, Delivered

        Nobody needs ice cream, but when a box of Jeni's ice cream arrived a month into newborn life, we nestled the Brambleberry Crisp and Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns pints beside the stacks of breastmilk in the freezer and helped ourselves to a little of each late at night. When a case of IT'S IT was delivered, a beloved San Francisco oatmeal ice cream sandwich, it was excessive in the best way. -KC

        San Francisco's IT'S IT ice cream delivery gift for new momsSan Francisco's IT'S IT ice cream delivery gift for new moms

        A New Monogram

        She just worked hard on finding the perfect name for a human so let her show it off with a monogrammed gift like a sweatshirt, canvas tote, or gold necklace. -JD
        monogrammed gifts for new momsmonogrammed gifts for new moms

        A Workhorse Outdoor Blanket

        I received a water-resistant outdoor blanket – an upgrade to the tie-dyed, paint-splattered version I used for park hangs – for the music classes, tummy time in the park, and playdates on my New Mom schedule. Gathre and Little Unicorn make outdoor blanket versions that look great, protect babies from damp grass, wipe clean, and fold or roll up small to throw in the bottom of the stroller. -KC
        indoor/outdoor blanket for new momsindoor/outdoor blanket for new moms

        Comfy Hospital Essentials

        The Hatch to Hospital Kit is a gift that brings cozy vibes to the Labor & Delivery floor. The kit includes soft styles in dark shades they'll thank you for later – an organic bamboo brief, an organic bamboo nightgown, a nursing-friendly tee, a matching robe made for sweet little snuggles, and a pair of fuzzy grey socks. -KC
        Hatch to Hospital Kit for new momsHatch to Hospital Kit for new moms

        Baby's First Year Keepsake Book

        While you're going through the first year, the moments often feel so special that it's hard to imagine that you'd ever forget them. Especially the firsts. For me at least, I was surprised at how much I didn't remember in retrospect. I love that books that give you a structured and thoughtful way of recording those moments. It's such an amazing way to help that special mama in your life keep those memories forever. -MK

        Baby's First Year Keepsake BookBaby's First Year Keepsake Book

        A Sun Hat

        Walks around the neighborhood meant I was outside more during my maternity leave. To avoid pregnancy-induced melasma, I picked up a packable hat that I still use running after my toddler. I love a canvas hat I can stash in the stroller or fanny pack. It's Peak New Mom. -KC
        A Sun HatA Sun Hat

        Hair Accessories for New Mom Flyaways

        Nobody thinks they're going to lose their hair, but heads up–it happens precisely when you think you've managed to avoid it. A few months into the postpartum period an oversize hair accessory like a silk headband or rhinestone clip can be a cheerful way to tame fine flyaways while soft scrunchies decrease breakage. -LC
        A Headband For New Mom FlyawaysA Headband For New Mom Flyaways

        A Cozy Cardigan for Breastfeeding

        If she's planning to breastfeed or pump a few cardigans in rotation can keep a new mom cozy and a bit more put covered than a robe. I liked being able to pull up a tank or unbutton a shirt and stay covered when it was cooler out or family was visiting. -KC
        new mom cardigannew mom cardigan

        A Hands-Free Bra

        After pumping 8+ times a day, I invested in a soft nursing bra from Hatch that was the MVP of my postpartum wardrobe. Since they're stretchy it's an easy gift for a new mom who is pumping or heading back to work. - KC

        A Hands-Free BraA Hands-Free Bra

        Food For Mom

        I was always starving during recovery and early days of nursing. I loved receiving food– middle of the night chocolate chip cookies baked by a neighbor, a delivery of Daily Harvest smoothies that I could pop in the blender, or a lasagna I could reheat. Anything quick, easy, and hearty were the most helpful new mom gifts. -BK

        baby with baked goodsbaby with baked goods

        Simple Slip-On Shoes

        Often a complicated shoe was just out of the question – a slip-on shoe like a slide, mule, or loafer helped me get out the door for a trip to the pediatrician or coffee when I was still navigating baby-wearing and finding my abs again.

        After stocking up on a pair to bring to the hospital, EVA slides in bright prints were my squishy go-to for neighborhood coffee runs. -KC
        shoes for new momsshoes for new moms

        Breastfeeding Friendly Skincare

        I was surprised to find myself with tiny pockets of time throughout the day I couldn't plan around and I couldn't do anything productive, even nap. Ten-minute facials with breastfeeding-friendly skincare that smelled heavenly made me feel more awake and almost human again. -KC
        Breast-Feeding Friendly SkincareBreast-Feeding Friendly Skincare

        A Middle-of-the-Night Kit

        My go-to unglamorous, but oh-so-necessary gift for a new mom, is a chic Find toiletry kit filled with problem-solving staples that you don't know you need in your nursery until you do — a swaddle blanket, a travel noise machine, a timer to keep track of feedings, naps, and diaper changes. Expect a thank you text at 4AM a few weeks after the baby is born. -LR
        a middle of the night kit for new momsa middle of the night kit for new moms

        A Book to Make Her Feel Seen

        Moms record their baby's milestones, but what about their own? In "Mom Milestones The TRUE Story of the First Seven Years," doctor and cartoonist Grace Farris shares milestones from the early parenting years – from parent sleep regression to mastering toddler tasting menus. Grace is the artist behind the popular Weekend Mom series and in her first book is her "love letter to mothers and caregivers who are either at the beginning of their parenting journey, or are submerged in the later years. It’s meant to be a celebration of the joys and merriment of parenting, as well as a send up of the less glamorous parts."
        cover of Mom Milestones book cover of Mom Milestones book

        Personal Jewelry

        Look, no new mom will turn their nose up at a personalized piece of jewelry – whether it's an initial charm, monogrammed signet ring, studs with their baby's birthstone, or a charm with their birthdate. Marcella Kelson suggests an astrological take, "I have always loved astrology, so one of the first things I did when my son was born was book an astrological reading for him. I think this Zofia Day charm is such a nice gift for a mama who loves astrology. I would have loved a pendant with his star sign (Pisces) to keep close to my heart."
        Zoe Lev gold space necklace for new mom gift Zoe Lev gold space necklace for new mom gift