Our Holiday Travel Hacks

On the Road

Our Holiday Travel Hacks

As parents to 22 kids, the team at Maisonette has a few tips for surviving planes, trains and automobiles during the most wonderful time of the year.

Written By Olivia Villanti

Two Words: Audiobooks

“Our son Henry is a Dragon Head, and so family car trips have become an opportunity to check in on Harry Potter or Chris Bunch’s Dragonmaster series. If you want an executive summary on the internal power struggles in the kingdoms of Deraine, Sagene and Roche, I’ve got you.”

Sylvana Durrett
Co-founder and CEO
Mother of three: Henry, Gracie and Milly


The To-Go Toy

“For my family, it's all about snacks, snacks and more snacks. If my boys are eating, they are happy. Our golden retriever sits between them and is on clean-up duty should anything fall her way.  We play a lot of ‘I Spy’ with our older son. Car dance parties and sing-a-longs are also encouraged. But the most important thing we do pre-travel is let each kid pick a ‘to-go toy’ to play with. This is typically a small car or a figurine that keeps them occupied for, well, at least a while.”

Brittany Kelly
Merchandising Director
Mother of two: Anderson and Thompson


Mile-High DIY

"EeBoo makes fun versions of bingo that teach your kids U.S. geography and French vocab. My daughters also love these DIY necklace kits from Gunner & Lux. Both are great ways to keep little ones entertained on a flight.”

Luisana Mendoza de Roccia
Co-founder and COO
Mother of three: Sienna, Lulu and Emilia


The Snack Box

“Whenever we fly, I get one of those giant plastic containers you fill with beads — the kind with several different compartments — and I load each up with some kind of snack. Think of it as the biggest bento box you’ve ever seen: seaweed, nuts, goji berries, but nothing too sugary to avoid getting them hopped up on the flight. This becomes a seriously fun distraction and can be used to encourage good behavior.”

Jessica Sailer
Creative Director
Mother of three: Delphine, Vivienne and Nico


Car Clothes / Party Clothes

"When they were little, our kids would get car sick on the drive from the city to my in-laws' house for Christmas lunch, so we would put them in play clothes and then change them into a party dress or a blue blazer a few miles from our destination. Also, rather than everyone doing their own device, we listen to a family book — Judy Blume's ‘Fudge’ series, Nancy Drew or Jean Merrill's ‘The Pushcart War.' The last one makes being stuck in tristate traffic almost entertaining."

John Brodie
Father of two: Nicholas and Alexandra


Box-Fresh Art Suppplies

“We always travel to Spain to see my family. Right before the trip, we buy new notebooks, sharpened colored pencils and stickers. There's something about having ‘fresh’ supplies always gets my kids excited. While traveling, they create artwork for their cousins and grandparents. New stickers, in particular, are always a big hit. As for gear, Stokke’s Jet Kids is a carry-on suitcase that doubles as a leg rest or bed. Noise-canceling ear muffs by Banz helps keep things quiet for them and, for babies, DockATots are something all my friends swear by.”

Laura Diego
Head of Baby Registry Merchandise
Mother of two: Matthew and Sofia