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Amanda Chantal Bacon

Amanda Chantal Bacon is the luminous mama of two behind the cult wellness brand, Moon Juice, known for its transformative dusts, powders and tonics. At a time when we are all looking to become the best version of ourselves, we caught up with the Los Angeles-based guru on New Year’s resolutions, motherhood, her daily beauty routine and leaning into gratitude.
Nicki Sebastian
You created Moon Juice for people interested in "a new way of living," which in January, it seems, is just about everyone. What do you think is the most important thing people can do to achieve this in the New Year?
Normally, I say 7-8 hours of sleep and a mindfulness or meditation practice, BUT I have a 5-month-old who doesn’t sleep at night yet and an for new moms, in our case, I say let the healthy sleep cycles and organized practices go for this season of life and don’t beat yourself up about not having them. Instead embrace the opportunity of motherhood and see the transformational value in it.
Amanda Chantal Bacon poses with her children.Amanda Chantal Bacon poses with her children.
The ways I do this and stay healthy and mostly happy are by riding the waves of chaos and not identifying with or personalizing the dramas that come up, even if that means just witnessing yourself becoming reactive- align with that thread of yourself that’s left to witness. I also get into small, achievable, healthy habits. I take SuperYou every day, I try to walk a few times a week, I try to keep acupuncture on my schedule, I keep female friends on my schedule, I embrace the help that is available to me.

And what are your own New Year's resolutions, for yourself and for the business?
At home, we started a “no complaining” challenge on Thanksgiving to take us into the New Year. For the business, I look forward to growing the team and investing myself deeper and deeper into empowering these stars.

Can you tell us a little about your experience of motherhood? The first time around and now? How has it changed you and what have you learned from it? Has your style of mothering changed from your son to your daughter?
Such different circumstances! I have found it so much easier with my daughter. I think it’s partly me and my ease with birth and mothering, partly because of my loving and present partner, but mostly because of her very happy and relaxed nature. The most poignant difference this time around is savoring every day with her, even the hardest ones. I lean into gratitude for each moment of her tininess in a way that I didn’t know how to with my son. This time around, I have also set up rock solid support around me at home and at work. I prepared for her for years, mentally, emotionally, professionally, physically, and I feel it now that she’s here.

And what advice would you give new mothers or women who are planning to start a family?
This too shall pass. Repeat that on the tough days and the joyful days. This too shall pass. Repeat that at any point on your fertility journey, whether it’s looking for a partner, sleeping in on Sunday, extreme nausea, miscarriage, or adult vacations...this too shall pass.

What is your daily beauty routine like? Do you have any favorite products or rituals?
I made Moon Juice skincare (ingestible and topical) for myself, so I’m covered! Milk cleanse, Acid Potion, Plump Jelly, Cosmic Cream, SuperHair, SuperYou, Collagen Protect and Magnesi-Om! I also am a regular at Ricari Studios. I focus on walking a few times a week and monthly lymphatic drainage rather than working out and spa stuff.

Are you a morning person or evening person? What do you do in the morning to kick-start your day and how do you like to wind-down in the evenings?
I am such a night owl and a terrible morning person! That really doesn’t work for having a baby. I do Dream Dust, Magnesi-Om and red light at night and Cosmic Matcha in morning— caffeine just helps!

As the mother of two children and a thriving business, do you believe in that elusive balance? And if so, how do you try to achieve it?
I go for long-game balance! Crazy for 30 years and then chill for 30 years later…

Amanda Chantal Bacon holds her sleeping daughter.Amanda Chantal Bacon holds her sleeping daughter.
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