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Gooselings Bedding & Bath

Gooselings was founded out of a yearning for a sense of calm amongst the stressful, exciting (and occasionally overwhelming!) journey that is parenthood. Gooselings is more than an ordinary blanket—it’s a lifestyle. A community. A way of life. For your baby. For you, too.  Inspired by hygge, a Scandinavian lifestyle meaning "creating an atmosphere full of things that make one content", Gooselings' products feel “like a hug”—light, soft, tender and lovely. And hugs do more than keep you cozy: they are scientifically proven to nurture, calm and omit happiness and a sense of security. That’s exactly what they hope to bring your baby.  

Gooselings Bedding & Bath


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*Exclusive* Adventures in Wonderland Crib Sheet, Rose*Exclusive* Adventures in Wonderland Crib Sheet, Rose

*Exclusive* Adventures in Wonderland Crib Sheet, Rose