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        Women's Poppy Makeup Bag


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        Alepel's Poppy Flowers are accompanied by a beautiful blue butterfly hand-painted with realistic details that take you away to a dream-like garden.

        About Alepel: Hand-painted accessories that make a statement. A canvas with endless possibilities where creative intervention brings together materials and processes that are wholly new. Connecting art and design into one-of-a-kind pieces that are as precious as the process involved.

        Material / Ingredients / Care
        • We create wearable art you can wear every day. Our designs and materials are selected in factory to make sure they are suitable for our hand-painting process. Our 100% Genuine leather and our 100% Eco-friendly vegan leather is prepared with a special treatment to absorb the paint properly, therefore the paint will not fade. Our artists paint all styles by hand, and each pattern has from 4 to 8 layers of paint. The artwork is then sealed with a water-resistant topcoat. ALEPEL styles are meant to be timeless, we still recommend treating your pair with love and care. To clean, delicately wipe with a damp cloth or wipe as soon as you notice any dirt or stain.
        • 100% Eco-Friendly Vegan Leather
        • Country of Origin: Brazil