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        Piggy Paint

        Shine Topcoat


        Oh no! It's out of stock! Join the waitlist and we'll email you as soon as this product or size becomes available again.

        Want Piggy Paint nail polish to shine like the stars? If So, our Shine Topcoat Is A MUST!

        About Piggy Paint: Piggy Paint was created by Melanie Hurley, a Mom seeking a safer nail polish option for her girls. She couldn’t find one, so Piggy Paint was born! For the past 13 years, Piggy Paint’s mission has been to create Premium, Non-toxic products that are ALL fun, with NO harsh, smelly chemicals!

        Full List of Ingredients
        • Piggy Paint Shine Topcoat Ingredients: Aqua, acrylates copolymer, texanol, polyethlyene, neem oil.