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        Inflatable Glitter Chair, Gold Holographic Glitter


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        The AirCandy BloChair is a fun, versatile inflatable chair that adds style and comfort to your home. You'll feel like you're floating on air - because you are! The chair is filled with holographic color changing glitter that will bring cool color to your room that also has amazing sparkle effect when taken into the sun. 100% waterproof this is the perfect chair for indoor and outdoor use. Want to sit in the backyard, by the pool, or even take it to the beach? Now you can as this truly is the ultimate beach chair allowing you to sit right at the edge of the water and feel the waves wash up to your feet. Whether you're working, playing, studying, or just relaxing, the AirCandy BloChair is a luxurious addition to any room! You can control the firmness by adjusting the air pressure to the perfect level. For example, add more air for a firm chair to do schoolwork or use a laptop, reduce some air for a comfy beanbag feel which is perfect for watching a movie or playing video games. Quick inflation for an instant seat when needed and then easily deflates with a quick release valve allowing you to simply store in a bedroom drawer when not in use.

        About AirCandy: AirCandy is a family-owned, friend-operated company headquartered in Miami, Florida and established in 2009. Their mission is to innovate and entertain, and have built thousands of amazing products to achieve that goal.