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              Dinosaur Set - STEM Toys - 1
              Dinosaur Set - STEM Toys - 2
              Dinosaur Set - STEM Toys - 3
              Dinosaur Set - STEM Toys - 4
              Dinosaur Set - STEM Toys - 5

              Safari Ltd.

              Dinosaur Set

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                    Dinosaurs included are:

                              Tyrannosaurus Rex

                    Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest known theropod dinosaur. It lived in what is now western North America in the latest Cretaceous Period (68-66 million years ago). Tyrannosaurus rex, often called T. rex’ because it is shorter, lived right up to the end of the Cretaceous Period, so was one of the last dinosaurs to have lived on earth.

                    History: The very first Tyrannosaurus was found by the famous fossil collector, Barnum Brown in 1900 in Wyoming. Over the next five years, he collected four more skeletons, and Henry Osborn, from the American Museum of Natural History in New York studied these skeletons and named Tyrannosaurus rex in 1905. The largest of Brown’s skeletons can be seen on display At the American Museum, and another is on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

                    Scientific name: Tyrannosaurus rex meaning tyrant lizard’ and king.’

                    Characteristics: In real life, Tyrannosaurus, was large (at least 40 feet long), stout and muscular (5-6 metric tons), but our Tyrannosaurus Rex figure is much smaller. It ran on its thick hind legs. Its huge jaws contained lots of sharp, six-inch-long teeth. Each tooth had a serrated blade on both the front and back edges that could easily have cut through any prey. Its front limbs were tiny, and its hands had only two little fingers. We don’t know what these fingers were for, but they were far too small and weak to walk on, fight off other dinosaurs, or grasp prey.


                    The three-horned Triceratops is the most famous and most gigantic of all the horned dinosaurs. This iconic animal browsed for plants in North America during the Late Cretaceous, 65 million years ago.

                    History: Triceratops was the first horned dinosaur ever found, which is why it is so famous. The first fossil of Triceratops was discovered in Colorado in 1887. It consisted of a pair of horns that, at first, were thought to belong to an extinct species of bison, but more complete material from Wyoming and Montana showed this was a new type of dinosaur.

                    Scientific Name: Triceratops horridus

                    Characteristics: Triceratops is best known for its horns: a short one on its nose, and a long horn over each eye, which are accurately depicted in our Triceratops toy. It also has a curved beak, and a solid bony frill on the back of its head. It walked on four short robust legs. Its front legs have five toes, of which three have blunt claws, and the hind feet have four large toes with hoof-like claws. At 26 ft long it was one of the largest horned dinosaurs.

                    Size: This Triceratops toy is 8 inches long and 2.75 inches high.


                    One of the most popular and well-known dinosaurs, Stegosaurus was a unique looking dinosaur, with its large, armored plates and distinctive tail spines. It lived during the Jurassic Period (around 150 million years ago) in the same time and place as Allosaurus. Broken tail spines and wound marks in Allosaurus bones suggest that these two may have done battle with each other.

                    Scientific Name: Stegosaurus (“covered” or “roofed” lizard) was named for the plates covering its back. Stegosaurus stenops is the type species.

                    Characteristics: Stegosaurus is known from many complete skeletons, but the exact position of its tail spikes and dermal plates was long the subject of debate. It is now believed that the plates were arranged in an alternating pattern, with the tail spikes arranged in pairs, as our Stegosaurus toy depicts. Some paleontologists suggest that the arrangement of plates may have differed between Stegosaurus species.

                    Size: This Stegosaurus toy is 6.75 inches long and 4 inches in height, making it about as long as a water bottle turned on its side, and a little shorter than a soda can.


                    Spinosaurus was a large, fish-eating dinosaur found in Egypt and Africa. As more and more remains of this dinosaur are found, scientists can begin to get a better picture of this unique dinosaur, from its crocodile-like face to the spined sail on its back. Recently, it was even discovered that its tail featured a large fin.

                    History: Spinosaurus has a long history featuring many discoveries that have changed the way we see this dinosaur through the years. First discovered in 1915, it was often depicted as a normal theropod (meat-eating dinosaur) with a large, rounded sail on its back. Recent discoveries have shown that not only did it have a narrower, crocodile-like face, but it had much shorter legs than previously thought, and even a large fin that ran the length of its tail.

                    Scientific Name: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (Spined Lizard of Egypt)

                    Characteristics: This Spinosaurus toy features the most recent discoveries about this dinosaur incorporated into its design, including the recently uncovered tail fin. All Spinosaurus’s iconic features are here, including its dorsal sail, its narrow, tooth-filled jaws, and its enlarged hand claws.

                    Size: This Spinosaurus toy figure is 9 inches long and 3 inches high to the top of its sail."

              About Safari Ltd.: Safari Ltd. figurines, all in one place! Whether it's a dinosaur, dragon or wildlife animals, these carefully crafted figurines spark imagination and encourage education in the natural world. These high-quality figures have been a time-tested choice for many parents and educators for overall appeal, durability, learning potential, and more.

              Material / Ingredients / Care
              • Wipe clean
              • Plastic
              • Assembly Required: Yes
              • Country of Origin: China
              • Maisonette Product ID: Item number SAFA26463055