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        Adult Bird's Song Mask, Mustard


        Oh no! It's out of stock! Join the waitlist and we'll email you as soon as this product or size becomes available again.

        We’re all in this together. Our sweet-looking gooselings mask is here to protect your family and others around you. Made for the current timesand in hopes for a healthier, safer world in the future. Fit Info: The key to a good fit is adjustability, having the elastics open allows for you to tie to fit your exact ear and face. Once you have a desired fit, you can cut the remaining elastic after the knot for comfort all day.  Care Notes: Our mask unwashed fits a 4 /5 year old perfectly. If you are looking to fit the mask on younger children (age 2 year old) we suggest washing it on warm and putting it in the dryer on high heat to allow shrinkage to take place. The same advice goes out to the adults who need a little bit of a tighter fit. Filter Info: Our masks feature side pockets for optional filter use. Replaceable filters offer an additional layer of protection, and while the mask doesn't include a filter, they’re easy to find at places like Amazon. Insert your filter through the side pocket, and use fingers to gently open the filter and smooth inside the mask. Filters should only be used one time and disposed of immediately. **Please note for health reasons, the masks cannot be returned.**

        About Gooselings: Gooselings was founded out of a yearning for a sense of calm amongst the stressful, exciting (and occasionally overwhelming!) journey that is parenthood. Gooselings is more than an ordinary blanket—it’s a lifestyle. A community. A way of life. For your baby. For you, too. Inspired by hygge, a Scandinavian lifestyle meaning "creating an atmosphere full of things that make one content", Gooselings' products feel “like a hug”—light, soft, tender and lovely. And hugs do more than keep you cozy: they are scientifically proven to nurture, calm and emit happiness and a sense of security. That’s exactly what they hope to bring your baby.

        Material / Ingredients / Care
        • Wash cold to prevent shrinkage. Can go in the dryer on high heat to shrink.
        • Cotton with elastic ear ties