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        Intex Entertainment



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        AddIt is a head-to-head competition where players use strategy, calculations, and a little luck to close all the numbers on one side of the board. The game board is square with 2 pairs of interconnecting rows of numbers, which when pushed from one side, appear on the opposite side. Where similar games are determined only by the roll of the dice, AddIt pits player against player as each turn numbers are pushed through the game board and given to the player on the opposite side. Sevens and doubles hold special rules, giving the game a unique strategy element. AddIt not only requires the luck of the dice, but the challenge of outsmarting your opponent in a game of mathematic tug-of-war. An exciting game to play with numbers, and a STEM game to make math fun. AddIt can be played as a solo game, or with up to 4 players. For ages 6+.

        About Intex Entertainment: INTEX Entertainment Inc. was founded in 2012 with a mission to design, develop and manufacturing high quality, innovative toys and games for around the world.

        Material / Ingredients / Care
        • wipe clean
        • plastic