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              toddler travel essentials like coolers, snacks, Yoto

              Family Travel

              Our Top 20 Picks for Traveling With Toddlers

              Are we there yet? Buckle up for your next big trip with all the travel essentials (and snacks!) for toddlers you need to survive with a mini in tow. A full toddler packing list of the best toys to take, all the gear, and the nice-to-haves for everyone’s sanity, yours included.

              Written By
              Elizabeth Mitchell Kadar


              STATE Mini Logan Suitcase

              Jet set in style with this ultra-cool, toddler-approved suitcase in an on-point airplane print. Designed with traveling fams in mind, there’s ample storage and zipper compartments for all the things in this STATE suitcase, including a front pocket for mess-free coloring books, stickers and airplane activities. There’s also a side strap to carry their fave stuffy or water bottle.


                STATE Mini Logan Suitcase STATE Mini Logan Suitcase

                Floss & Rock Water Pad & Pen

                Kathleen Felton, Executive Editor at What To Expect, suggests that when choosing toddler travel essentials, to steer clear of toys with small pieces that “your child will miss when they fall under the seat (think Polly Pockets, Legos, Matchbox cars, etc.)”. Instead, opt for something more practical and parent-friendly, like these magic cards that can be used again and again. Simply fill the pen with water and let older toddlers go to town coloring. When the cards dry, do it again! Bonus: you won’t have to worry about them defacing the seats.


                  Floss & Rock Water Pad & PenFloss & Rock Water Pad & Pen

                  Ooly Sticker Stash

                  This variety pack of stickers comes with over 200 fun styles–from rainbows to doughnuts–and will keep your toddler occupied for a good half hour, if not more. Let them stick them on themselves, you, a simple sheet of paper or disposable placemat. If you’ve purchased a window seat, grab some window cling stickers for decorating too (you’ll be glad you did!).


                     Ooly Sticker Stash Quirky Fun, Ooly Sticker Stash Quirky Fun,

                    Bumkins Snack Bags

                    Airplane rides with toddlers = ALL the snacks! One of our must-have toddler packing list products are these easy-wipe, waterproof reusable snack bags for stashing goodies on the go. Stain-resistant and super stylish, you can also use them as extra storage or mini organizers.


                      bumpkins travel bags, set of two

                      Little Crowns NYC Sound Crowns Knotted Headband Headphones

                      A chic girls hair accessory and headphones, all in one! Littles can watch their favorite shows on the plane without worrying about bulky headphones that slide off or painful earbuds sticking in their ear. The perfect fit for ages 12 months+, these come with an easily adjustable Velcro fastener and reusable pouch for compact storage.


                        Little Crowns NYC Sound Crowns Knotted Headband HeadphonesLittle Crowns NYC Sound Crowns Knotted Headband Headphones

                        Joolz Aer Stroller

                        Okay, not technically for the plane, but this stroller is a must-have for the airport. It’s super compact, fits in the overhead bin and has a large storage basket for carrying snacks, water bottles, stuffies or whatever else. The best part? You can strap your toddler in to contain them or just get to your gate quicker.


                          Joolz Aer StrollerJoolz Aer Stroller

                          Lollaland Lollacup

                          To relieve ear pressure and pain in older toddlers, Felton suggests packing lollipops or a sippy cup/a cup with a straw to drink out of for takeoff and landing. The Lollacup has a weighted, valve-free straw to make sipping super easy.


                             Lollaland Lollacup Lollaland Lollacup

                            PACKING LIST FOR TODDLERS IN THE CAR

                            KeaBabies Original 2.0 Diaper Caddy

                            Family travel expert and mom-of-four, Colleen Carswell, recommends converting a baby diaper caddy into an on-the-go travel snack caddy. “The dividers make it easy to keep snacks organized both in the car and hotel room. It’s also really easy to tote around between the two!” This caddy from KeaBabies is sleek, modern, AND boasts plenty of storage making it a no-brainer travel essential for toddlers.


                               KeaBabies Original 2.0 Diaper Caddy KeaBabies Original 2.0 Diaper Caddy

                              Yoto Mini

                              A great alternative to the Lunii, this mini audio companion also doubles as a sound machine and nightlight at your destination. Kiddos can listen to catchy nursery rhymes, stories or children’s podcasts, learn their letters, all about space and so much more.


                                Yoto MiniYoto Mini

                                Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

                                For some screen-free fun, we love this easy-to-carry, interactive audio player with a battery life of over 10+ hours. Older toddlers can create their own stories (choose a hero!), listen to music and parents can even record their own tales for toddlers. It comes with 48 pre-downloaded stories ready to go.


                                  Lunii StorytellerLunii Storyteller

                                  The Original Curated TernPak

                                  A curated backpack complete with everything to keep little bodies busy (learning!) on the road. Ideal for toddlers age 3+, this pack includes the coolest magnetic cubes, an open-ended STEM magnetic play pad, watercolor gel crayons, dry erase mazes (great for older siblings) and more.


                                    The Original Curated TernPakThe Original Curated TernPak

                                    Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Cooler Tote

                                    Long road trip? Carswell highly suggests investing in a great picnic cooler like this cute, checked canvas tote option. “Plan to eat meals and snacks in the park, at a playground, or even at a museum or aquarium. Just be sure to check out websites in advance to see if outside food is allowed and where it can be enjoyed on the property,” she says. “This saves money and allows you to eat healthy, fresh, favorite foods that you know everyone will enjoy, including the kiddos.”


                                      Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Cooler ToteBusiness & Pleasure Co. Premium Cooler Tote

                                      Silicone Collapsible Snack Cup

                                      Contain the car seat crumbs with this chic, travel-friendly snack cup that collapses to fit in your backpack or diaper bag when your toddler isn’t munching on their 17th snack of the trip.


                                         Baby Bar & Co. Silicone Collapsible Snack Cup Baby Bar & Co. Silicone Collapsible Snack Cup


                                        The Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine

                                        This compact sound machine is a must for stroller naps on the go (it’s completely portable!) or to drown out hallway noise in your hotel room. It also doubles as a nightlight if your mini is scared of the dark.


                                          The Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound MachineThe Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine

                                          Travel Cot

                                          Perfect for the tiniest tots all the way up to three-years-old, this lightweight travel crib is simple to set up, see through for easy viewing and will provide a familiar place for your mini to rest their head at night and naptime.


                                            Bugaboo Stardust Travel CotBugaboo Stardust Travel Cot

                                            Chew Beads Tubby To Go Travel Bath Set

                                            A handy travel toiletry set for storing baby shampoo, moisturizer and more! We love that it comes with a collapsible bucket your toddler can play with in the tub or you can use to easily rinse their hair out. The little loofah is great for cleaning hard-to-reach spots too.


                                              Chew Beads Tubby To Go Travel Bath SetChew Beads Tubby To Go Travel Bath Set

                                              A Muffin in The Oven Travel Bag Set

                                              An organized suitcase will make arriving and leaving your destination SO much easier. Keep bath essentials, fresh clothes and all the dirty stuff completely separate with these simple travel bags, pre-labeled for you.


                                                A Muffin in The Oven Travel Bag SetA Muffin in The Oven Travel Bag Set

                                                Risewell Adult Duo + Kids Travel Toothpaste Trio

                                                A natural, kid-friendly, clean-ingredient toothpaste that actually works AND “tastes like sneaking spoonfuls of cake batter straight out of the bowl.” Yum! This set includes a three pack of the travel size so you’re stocked up for all future trips.


                                                  Risewell Adult Duo + Kids Travel Toothpaste TrioRisewell Adult Duo + Kids Travel Toothpaste Trio

                                                  W&P Design Porter Stainless Steel Travel Utensils

                                                  “If you have young kids, packing kid-friendly utensils and cups is an absolute must,” says Carswell, who also works as a hotel solutions strategist. Not only are these tiny utensils planet-friendly, they come with the cutest terrazzo carrying case for ease when traveling. Pro tip: “Book a hotel with a complimentary breakfast to save you time, money and stress.”


                                                    W&P Design Porter Stainless Steel Travel UtensilsW&P Design Porter Stainless Steel Travel Utensils