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              illustration of a toy bunny for newborn baby girl

              Gift Guide

              Best Gifts For Newborn Girls Worth Going Off-Registry

              Gifts for newborn girls just might be the most fun things to shop for, period. Sure, you could stick to the baby registry. But where’s the fun in that? Besides, first-time moms might not know everything they’ll need—or want. That’s where this mom-and-baby-vetted list comes in.

              Written By
              Elyse Moody

              The most unique gifts for newborn girls are the ones your expecting pals will remember for their sugar-and-spice sweetness, brilliance, and convenience. You won’t find any hand-wash-only sweaters here, as cute as so many of those may be. These gift ideas for newborn girls have proven their power to delight (and last) at shower after shower and in our own girls’ nurseries and diaper bags.

              Stretchy Pajamas

              Her noodly little arms and legs won’t like being forced into clothes, regardless of how cute they are. All that jostling can lead to spit ups and even more costume changes to annoy her. My husband and I learned the hard way that the adorable organic cotton pjs I’d registered for weren’t the easiest to get on and off. Add tons of snaps or (God help us) actual buttons, and he wouldn’t even give them a try. Smooth the process for the little princess with the comfiest girl pajamas that have a two-way zipper (for speedy nighttime diaper changes) and the stretchiest material possible: sustainable bamboo viscose.

              A Portable Playmat

              She can’t have too many places to play. A heavier-weight playmat (think yoga mat, not quilt) won’t wrinkle up underneath her the way a blanket would, making tummy time even more frustrating. The smooth, padded material gives her traction and is easy to wipe clean. And when it’s a pretty print, her mom will want to leave it out all the time—more fun for everybody. Many of these come in mini sizes that can fold up and go along in her diaper bag, too.

              Pretty Pacifier Clips

              The kind with a metal clip can really put a damper on an otherwise great nap. After my daughter made it clear to us how much she loves her paci, we invested in these neutral holders with fasteners made of food-grade resin. There’s nothing hard or sharp to poke her. She’s a fan.

              An Outfit To Match Mom’s

              In the beginning, she’ll only have eyes for Mom. (Okay, so more likely her mom’s boobs or the hand that’s doing the feeding, but you know what we mean.) Matching dresses or sweaters will be fun for her first dress-up opportunity, whether it’s a family birthday dinner or just Sunday coffee run. The only thing cuter than newborn clothes are ones that match mama.

              Shiny New Toys

              Chances are this little one has a baby gym (aka activity mat) on the way. But once her eyesight sharpens and she’s given all of its dangling doodads a kick, she’ll tire of them pretty quickly. Give her a few more for mom and dad to swap in. Mirrors, contrasting colors and textures, and music are sure to wow her.

              Body Oils & Lotions

              I didn’t know that baby massage oil existed until my own baby shower, and I laughed to myself when a stylish friend gave me some. Fast forward a few months and I’ve used up the entire bottle. Even baby skin needs moisturizers to stay soft and glowy. The best method? Slather on a plant-based oil after her bath—choose coconut, sunflower, or grapeseed since these are the least allergenic, suggests maternal health and sexuality educator Kaci Mial —then seal it in with a thick, gentle lotion. CeraVe works, but these picks, from Weleda to Wiley to Chantecaille elevate bath time to spa time.

              Booties and Mittens (That’ll Stay On)

              Her little fingers and toes will be adorable, but they’ll also get chilly fast. You also don’t want that pretty baby to scratch her face. So many pairs of booties and mittens have elastic cuffs that don’t cut it. They fall right off—inside, outside, between the washer and the dryer... Soft booties and mittens that tie are a stylish solution to keep them on her and together when they’re not.

              A Mesmerizing Mobile

              Her mom might already have one on the registry. But your gal might get bored of it after awhile, just like her other toys. Give her a backup that can take center stage occasionally. (Did you know there are Christmas and seasonal options?) Also, her parents might have picked out a mobile but not thought through how they’re going to hang it…. Make it easy for them with a Shaker-style wooden arm

              Extra Pillow Covers

              She can’t help it if she’s a little messy, especially when she first gets here. Extra covers for all her special pillows—the nursing pillows, loungers, and changing pads—will keep her sitting pretty. The latter one is really important; you can’t have too many changing pad covers. (Just think about how much time babies spend there.) These picks are soft as they come.

              Sweet Shades

              She might not be able to sport these right away, but who can resist baby sunglasses? The fun shapes of these sunnies make them a must-have for photos, even if she only wears them a few times.

              Soft Cotton Hats

              She’s going to come home from the hospital in one of those adorable pink-and-blue-striped caps that we all know and love. But she’ll need many more, especially those first few weeks, no matter what time of year it is. A thin cotton layer will keep her sweet head warm and toasty. 

              Fluffy Bat Towels

              Hooded towels are cute, but I’ve found that most of them aren’t big enough for my babe. She likes to really be wrapped up in an adult-size towel. For the most luxurious lounging, choose ones, like these from Havly, that are made of cotton and ideally Oeko-Tex certified; we love a hanging loop for easy drying.

              Family Photos

              Make it a cinch for her mom and dad to do something with all those Instagram pictures. A simple square frame is perfect for her dresser or shelf.

              Gear That’ll Grow With Her

              Baby’s first puffer coat! Even if she’s not set to arrive during the winter, a stroller bunting is an excellent idea because they unzip and expand to fit children until they’re size 4T. Parents will appreciate having one less big-ticket item to research and buy later—and she’ll love riding around in this plush, downy nest.

              Reading Material

              Something about the crinkle of “paper” makes babies happy—even when you suspect their smiles are more in response to their tummy rumbling than the story you’re reading. These sensory books, all of which make that satisfying sound, will be her first page-turners.

              Soft Suds

              Think of Noodle & Boo laundry detergent as her perfume. (Not that she doesn’t smell sweet enough already.) We imagine that babies must love the light, sweet scent of it as much as their moms do. A friend I gifted it to said that the singular fragrance takes her right back to when her first daughter was a newborn. It’s extra gentle for the most sensitive skin.