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Ottoline Interiors Kids Seating

As any parent will know, anything that can aid sound sleep for little ones is an absolute must and black out blinds and shades will often be at the top of any new parent's wish list. After the Ottoline founder's daughter Audrey was born, they searched for beautiful blinds, but found only drab pull-down shades. Ottoline Interiors was born as an idea and an ambition. Since the blinds the brand has expanded to include stools, hand knotted rugs, sheets and cushions which employ their whimsical hand-painted designs.

Ottoline Interiors Kids Seating


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Handpainted Wooden Stool, Cupcake on FlowHandpainted Wooden Stool, Cupcake on Flow

Handpainted Wooden Stool, Cupcake on Flow

Ottoline Interiors