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          Olli Ella Bedding Bath

          Born in London in 2009, Olli Ella was founded by sisters Chloe and Olivia and draws inspiration from their three children, as well as their own childhoods in Sydney, Australia. Founded on the belief that just because something is made for a nursery, it needn’t look out of place in grown-up spaces, every piece is made for your kiddos, but looks equally at home elsewhere. Olli Ella's collection of rugs, baskets, and 100% cotton organic baby bedding is made ethically, sustainably, and lovingly, with a sense of innocence and playfulness running throughout.

          Olli Ella Bedding Bath
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            Reva Changing Basket, RoseReva Changing Basket, Rose

            Reva Changing Basket, Rose

            Olli Ella


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