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Parental Arts

Kid-Friendly Virtual Museum Exhibits and Activities for Black History Month

With museums shifting to virtual programming in the face of Covid-19 restrictions, it presents an opportunity to sample exhibits from collections near and far. Spend some time this month exploring Black history and culture exhibits with your kids.

Sports: Leveling the Playing Field at the National Museum of African American History & Culture

Young athletes will love exploring this virtual exhibit about the lives and contributions of Black athletes in sports but also activism, politics, and culture. There are videos including a chat with the curator, images of exhibition objects such as the “Shaq Attack sneaker” and Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s track shoes, and a slideshow that highlights nine Black athletes throughout American history.

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Portraits of African Americans from the National Portrait Gallery Collection

The National Portrait Gallery has more than 1,000 portraits of African Americans who have made history; in this virtual exhibit you can see portraits of and read about a selection throughout history and into contemporary times, from Sojourner Truth to the Obamas. It includes portraits of historical and political figures as well as musicians, artists, athletes, and more.

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Underground Railroad Immersive Experience from Ohio History Connection

Book a virtual field trip for your learning pod through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. This program, aimed at students in grades 4 through 8, is an immersive, interactive experience that will teach them about the underground railroad. ($135 for 5 to 35 students).

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Joyful Fridays at the National Museum of African American History & Culture

On every Friday during February, the museum is hosting a creative class for kids ages 4 through 8. The activities include “make your own hat” for a “hats, hair, and headwear” session and creating a sculpture from recycled materials for a “Black music and imagination” class.

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Black History and Culture on Google Arts & Culture

Explore this incredibly wide and deep collection of exhibits from around the country with your kids, following their interests. There’s something for everyone, including history, art, pop culture, music, theater, food, and even comic books.

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