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        Sara Naghedi and her children

        Motherhood Muse: Sara Naghedi

        We caught up with the mom of three and founder of the eponymous accessories brand NAGHEDI, who is on the arm of so many moms in the know to chat about Mother's Day –– and what's in her bag.

        What is the best piece of Mom advice you ever received?

        Some really good advice that I continue to get from my mom is to make sure I’m taking care of myself and tending to my own needs. Even now, she’ll say, “Sara, I’ve got the kids, go run out and get a manicure.” You’re a much better mom when you feel like your cup is full.

        Describe your perfect Mother’s Day…

        I think I had my perfect Mother’s Day last year. My husband got me a hotel room so I could relax and a spa appointment. He thought I was going to go by myself, but I felt lonely, so I took my daughter and we ordered room service and watched The Princess Diaries and then my mom, my husband, and the twins met us the next morning for brunch. That was a dream.

        How would you describe your style? Do you dress your minis to reflect it?

        I tend to buy pieces that are more classic; I don’t really tend to follow trends. I like to be comfortable, especially with having three kids. I tried to dress my kids in that same way until they wouldn’t let me, and now I love seeing how they express themselves with their fashion.

        You’re someone whose style is so intrinsically linked with the work you do. Has the way you design changed? I think of NAGHEDI bags as being that perfect Venn Diagram of chic and workhorse that fits into mom’s lives.

        Since the conception of the brand, I don’t think the style has changed, and that has been the magic of the brand. That’s the definition of something timeless.

        How has your style changed since you became a mother?

        I think most mothers have to be dressed for wherever the day takes them with kids. You have to be a little more relaxed and more comfortable. My style has reflected that over the past several years.

        Sara NaghediSara NaghediSara Naghedi and her childrenSara Naghedi and her children

        Mama must-have?

        Snacks, and a NAGHEDI bag to put them in!

        What was the biggest surprise about motherhood?

        There are just so many! There are a lot of things that you’re not prepared for. I didn’t think that I could love another human so much. I think it’s understood that motherhood means sacrifice, but I don’t think you really understand what that means until you have children. There is just so much that you give up for your children. I also never imagined that we would be doing this much laundry!

        Any lessons you've learned from your kids? They have a way of teaching us just how we need to grow.

        My kids are so different from me, and I come from a different generation and culture, but they’re really not afraid to ask for what they need, to fight for what they want. I feel like I was always more meek about that. Self-advocacy is definitely a good lesson to learn from your kids.

        Emojis that best describe your life as a mother?

        The “slap my head’ emoji – because I’m always forgetting something!

        You can follow along with Sara on Instagram and shop the collection on Maisonette!

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