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Child laying down with her eyes closed

Parental Arts

A Simple Trick For Practicing Mindfulness as a Family

With constant news updates and changes to our daily lives we're all left feeling a bit (or a lot!) overwhelmed and children are no exception. When it feels like things are frenetic and unsettled, it's important to teach children how to pause and recalibrate. Here, child development expert and founder of Rose & Rex, Allison Klein shares a simple breathing exercise to calm your child's body and mind.

Written By Allison Klein
Photography Franck Malthiery

In a time of uncertainty and anxiety, mindfulness is a powerful tool that we can teach our children and ourselves. (I designed our Calm Mind Kit with exactly this in mind.) When we practice mindfulness we are paying attention to what is going on inside and outside of our bodies right now. A great way to begin a mindful practice is with deep breathing. When you take a deep breath you tell your central nervous system that the body is safe, which turns off the "fight or flight" response and immediately connects the mind and the body, grounding us in the present moment.

Here is a simple breathing exercises to do with your little ones at home.

Waves Breath

Lie down flat on your back and place a beanbag or stuffed animal on your belly. Let your arms rest by your sides.

Take a slow breath in and watch the beanbag rise. Then let out your breath slowly and watch the beanbag lower as your belly deflates.

Pretend your belly is the ocean and the beanbag is floating on the surface. Your breath is making the waves!

Take several breaths in and out, bringing your beanbag for a gentle ride, up and down.