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              Sara Naghedi and her family on the beach

              Traveling with Kids

              Travel Tips from Mom of Three Sara Naghedi

              We caught up with Sara Naghedi, the founder of Naghedi NYC, to see how and where this mom of three kids under five is traveling. She shares her tips on everything from what to pack, napping on the go, and her go-to destination.

              Written By
              Sara Naghedi
              Interview By
              Katie Covington Crane

              Hi Sara! We’re so happy to chat with you today. Can you share a bit about yourself and your family?

              I live in Manhattan with my husband Shant and our three young children. Our daughter, Noor, is 5 and our identical twin boys, Niko and Shaya, are 3. Our household is loud, crazy and chaotic but so fun and full of love that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

              Your eponymous line of handbags, Naghedi NYC, is grounded in the world of travel, from the hard-wearing materials to the travel-inspired names. Has travel always been an integral part of your life?

              Always! Traveling and seeing the world has shaped me so much, from summers in Europe with my family to more exotic locations as I started traveling on my own and with my husband. As parents we want our children to see the world and learn about other cultures and have these incredible experiences that can give them a greater understanding of the world.

              Sara NaghediSara Naghedi

              Of course, we're always looking for that magical destination that appeals to minis and parents alike. Have you been on any recent trips you'd suggest for families with young kids?

              Given the age of our children we do tend to favor beach vacations and our hands down favorite destination is Bermuda especially for a 3-4 day getaway. It’s a super quick 2 hour flight from New York, the most stunning beaches, amazing hotels to choose from and just the friendliest people. In fact we are going there next month!

              Sara Naghedi's kids in the ocean Sara Naghedi's kids in the ocean Sara Naghedi's kids at the beachSara Naghedi's kids at the beach

              You have a trip on the calendar. What are you doing in advance of a family trip to make your life easier when you get to your destination?

              I am not the most organized planner but usually about 2-3 weeks before a beach trip for example I will start assessing what the kids will need and looking at their closets. Have they outgrown their swimsuits? Do they need new goggles or beach shoes? I’ll order whatever we need so that they will arrive in time. About 2 weeks out we start arranging our transportation to and from the airport, with a family of 5 this is one of our bigger challenges especially with car seats and luggage all needing to be considered. The week before I will start thinking about activities and kids books for the plane and to start packing their backpacks. I usually end up packing myself and the kids the day before a trip and I don’t stress about it too much, there are few things you can forget that you can’t find at your destination.

              How do you structure your days on holiday with realistic expectations of kids' attention span or nap schedule?

              We tend to be very go-with-the flow on vacation, and we don’t like to over schedule ourselves because it’s not relaxing for us or the kids. We will have a checklist of things we want to do and we try to hit one each day but we also really let the kids lead the way if there is something they want to do or if it’s just feeling like a lazy day we will go with it. Trying to schedule vacation days around naps takes the fun out of a trip for me so again I like to go with the flow on that. Our young boys still nap and if it’s feasible we will return to the hotel and nap but if not, we are totally fine letting them squeeze in a car nap or no nap at all and an early bedtime.

              We've all had that post-bedtime realization that the lights are out and the night might be over before it began in your hotel room with kids. Have you found ways to make evenings feel like a vacation for you?

              Haha actually, we really enjoy the early lights out! It forces us to wind down early and with no dishwasher to load, no dinner clean up and no other of the usual evening tasks it’s an opportunity to just get some much needed zzz’s. Sometimes, if we are up for it, my husband and I will watch a movie on the iPad or if the room has a balcony or separate room we will open a bottle of wine and sit and talk while looking at pictures of the day.

              plane travel with kidsplane travel with kidstravel wagon with Sara Naghedi's three kidstravel wagon with Sara Naghedi's three kids

              Is there a travel tip you learned the hard way?

              Make sure you check that everyone’s passports will be valid when at the time of your trip! A few years back we had a whole trip planned to the Caribbean only to realize the day before that my passport had expired. It was such a huge disappointment to have to cancel our vacation. Children’s passports also expire every 5 years, so we make sure we are on top of all of our travel documents.

              With three kids, what gear have you found you can't live without on a trip, what can you live without, and what do you pick up once you've arrived?

              We were gifted a push/pull wagon last year and it’s probably the best gift we have ever gotten. We have used this wagon for everything, all 3 kids fit inside, and they love being in there. it has replaced all our strollers and it comes with us everywhere, to the airport, to park picnics, we even used it when we moved into a new apartment that was a few blocks away last year. Another must for us is a travel potty! It just relieves the stress of having to find a bathroom in a pinch. I find that we can pretty much live without all the other gear, I like to travel as light as possible. We usually pick up sunscreen and other toiletries when we arrive at our destination.

              How has your version of "the perfect trip" changed since meeting your husband and having kids?

              In my mind there isn’t really a “perfect trip.” Every trip I have taken in my life has a special place in my heart and my memories. For me it has always been about the adventure of it all that makes travel special and what is more adventurous than traveling with 3 young children! I will say there is something incredible about seeing the world through the eyes of your children. Their wonder and amazement at even the simple things can make any trip all the more magical.

              What's always in your bag when you're heading to a flight?

              Wipes, sanitizer, a couple of small toy cars for the boys, a book for our daughter and LOTS of snacks!

              Sarah Naghedi

              Sarah Naghedi

              Sara Naghedi is the founder and creative director of Naghedi, a luxury line of cruelty-free neoprene bags, each woven entirely by hand. After more than 15 years honing her expertise in the world of accessories and handbags, Sara was inspired to embrace a slower, more intentional approach to design and production. She founded Naghedi as an antidote to fast fashion and the wastefulness within the industry, prioritizing timeless design, thoughtful craftsmanship and lasting materials to create bags people can feel good about—and carry for years to come.

              In her time as a designer, Sara developed an expertise in weaves, experimenting with diverse fabrics and discovering the best resources for skilled, artisanal weavers. She was inspired to weave neoprene—a durable fabric often used to make wet suits—because it is unique, animal-friendly and long-lasting. After a year and a half perfecting the brand’s inaugural bag—the St. Barth’s tote—Naghedi is the first and only brand to have mastered handwoven, neoprene bags, and the result is effortlessly stylish, lightweight bags perfect for both everyday use and travel. New silhouettes and colorways are added intentionally and thoughtfully to the collection, always prioritizing longevity and craftsmanship over newness, underscoring Sara’s commitment to responsible fashion and, as a mother of three, creating a legacy that leaves a healthier world behind for her children.

              Naghedi NYC