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              spring break essentials for kids like sunscreen, water toys, and flip flops

              Editor's Picks

              Stylish Spring Break Essentials for Kids

              Spring vacation is nearly here… and not a moment too soon! If you’re planning to spend spring break with kids—whether it’s a family getaway to a resort, a staycation in the city, or a few blissful hours in the park or on the patio—these beachy-keen finds will set the pace for the entire summer season.

              Written By
              Jenna Gabrial Gallagher

              For Rainbow Bright

              Girls whose color palette is All The Colors will get excited about underwater adventures with shimmery goggles, pink girls' sandals, and a rainbow-hued swimsuit. Top it with a cheeky hat to keep it cool.
              WeeFarers Polarized Sunglasses in tortoise shellWeeFarers Polarized Sunglasses in tortoise shell

              For the Frenchie

              Kids can keep it easy breezy going from the beach to the snack bar with a colorful Paris-inspired tee with any solid swim trunks. Slip-on Freedom Moses slides and a sunny cap in a mix of pastels and happy primary shades.


              For the Water Dancer

              If getting away to the beach is not in the cards this spring break with your kids, you can create magical waterworks right at home with a Giant Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler. This perfectly portable, packable water toy weighs only three pounds and is excellent for small city patios or larger backyards. It provides hours of cool summer fun and is easy to stow away when not in use. In addition, their inflatables, from a floating table tennis set to a holographic shell, are small enough to stash in your bag if you're heading OOO.
              Pool Candy’s Giant Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler.Pool Candy’s Giant Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler.

              For Healthy Skin and Hair

              With six full-sized products, the Vivaiodays Ultimate Collection Bundle includes all the organic skin and hair care essentials needed for a family vacation. Saponaria No-Tears Wash and Shampoo cleans skin and hair while calming any sand-related itching; Turmeric Sunscreen has an SPF 30 for water-resistant sun safety; Rose Geranium Cleansing Water does double duty as a gentle cleanser for children between baths and a makeup remover for moms; and Tsubaki Leave-in Detangler keeps hair manageable.

              The Sunny Stick from mini bloom has a glide-on formula packed with non-nano Zinc Oxide that makes for quick-blending .

              For kids that want to take SPF into their own hands Sunshine & Glitter's Mermaid-inspired SPF 50 sunscreen is TSA-approved and water-resistant up to 80 minutes.
              Vivaiodays Ultimate Collection Bundle Vivaiodays Ultimate Collection Bundle

              For the Slim Aarons Photo Shoot

              Whether poolside, après bath, or at the beach, there may be nothing more luxurious than a refreshing dip, followed by snuggling into something cozy like a crisp Monogrammable Hooded Terry Robe from CeCe DuPraz or Minnow. It may look posh, but it has a multi-tasking work ethic made for spring break with kids. At the pool, a hooded towel is a smart solution for sun safety before SPF is applied; at the beach, it’s the perfect cover-up between sand and surf; and when the weather changes (because spring weather can be that way), it’s a welcome warming layer.
              Monogrammable Hooded Terry Robe with navy piping from CeCe DuPrazMonogrammable Hooded Terry Robe with navy piping from CeCe DuPraz

              For Sunglasses and Snacks

              A straw tote is the carry-all that brings its own youthful exuberance—along with any other essentials for a great day by the sea (or on deck at the pool). Try a whimsical shell shape (also in a mini version) to stash small beach toys and sun safety gear for kids; or a paperback, cash, keys, and cell phone for moms. Entice kids to carry their gear with a just-their-size monogrammed tote or tennis backpack.


                Edie Parker’s Mini Jelly ToteEdie Parker’s Mini Jelly Tote

                For the Golden Hour

                After the swimming, the snacks, and the sand throwing (or eating!), these candy-colored sand toys can stretch out family beach time while parents chill and sip a piña colada as the sun starts to set. With toys made for digging, squirting, and excavating, think of the beach as your personal sensory bin.


                Made in the Shade

                Whether it's a bucket or a visor, a strappy oversized sun hat, or a sporty baseball hat, babies and kids need a hat while out and about.

                sun hats for spring breaksun hats for spring break


                While you might not leave the house without your shades, getting kids into the habit can be hard. Bendable, durable frames will last an entire trip, and sweet shapes and colors get mini excited. Polarized WeeFarers® and Babiators provide 100% UVA and UVB protection with impact-resistant UV400 polarized lenses.

                spring break essential sunglasses for kidsspring break essential sunglasses for kids

                Something for Sunny Bums

                Pair a Little Toes Natural Disposable Swimmy Diapers with a cute cover for the under one set. They're free from alcohol, latex and chlorine and designed with a fuller bottom and double locking barriers to prevent accidents. An easy pull up design and tear away sides makes beachside changes a little easier.

                swim diaper and swim diaper covers for babies at the beachswim diaper and swim diaper covers for babies at the beach