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              two young girls in party dresses with their baby brother in a rattan crib

              Make It Holiday!

              Holiday Party Dressing With Julie Bourgeois

              Julie Bourgeois, CEO of Jacadi North America and mum of Mila, Ella-Rose, and newborn Solal, shares her tips for dressing kids for the holiday party season.

              Julie Bourgeois
              Interview By
              Liz McDaniel

              Tell us how you and your family will be celebrating the holiday season! Do you have any special parties you attend each year?

              We are very excited to be traveling to Paris for the holiday season to reunite with family. Our family celebrates various holidays and traditions, including both Christmas and Hanukkah.

              How would you describe your party dressing style?

              “Life is a party, dress like it,” Audrey Hepburn said. After the past 18 months, I am thrilled to dress up and celebrate the holiday season with family and friends. I love glamorous outfits and am exceptionally fond of Catherine Holstein’s brand, Khaite.

              Julie Bourgeois and her two toddler daughters in light-colored dressesJulie Bourgeois and her two toddler daughters in light-colored dresses

              What is your favorite party look for toddler girls? And for boys?

              For girls, I love a modern dancer-inspired tutu, with a cashmere top for a vibrant look. A velvet dress is always a safe and elegant option as well.

              For boys, a Christmas cashmere sweater with lined corduroy pants and fur lined sneakers. I adore the refined and playful design of this sweater, made from recycled cashmere and sustainable wool. It is embellished with a graphic and colorful Intarsia motif.

              You’ve spent time in New York, Hong Kong and Paris. Do you see a difference in how families approach party dressing in each locale?

              I don't see a difference in approach necessarily, but more similarities in how family and tradition are important at this time of the year.

              Safely celebrating with family and friends after a very difficult last two years has become extremely important. In the US, I was incredibly impressed with celebrations around Easter, summer break, back-to-school, Thanksgiving and now end of the year holidays.

              I know you have a newborn (congratulations!). How do you approach dressing up with a baby? Do you prefer to keep them super comfortable or go all out?

              A balance of both, I absolutely love to dress him up for special occasions, while keeping him as comfortable as possible for daily wear. The Jacadi onesies provide a great combination of comfort and style.

              This elegant baby boy onesie is ideal for outings a round NYC with the family, and the blend of organic cotton and recycled cashmere is perfect for the holiday season. It features a sailor-chic top for a modern effect.

              What is the most memorable party look you have ever worn yourself? A vintage Celine dress.

              And does something come to mind for your children? A particular dress or pair of shoes that you adored?

              On her first Christmas, my daughter, Mila wore a pair of glittery T-strap shoes - I cherish them as they remind me of this first celebration together as a family.

              Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to party dressing for children?

              Not really. The most important thing is for kids to have fun! Dressing up is a wonderful form of self expression and children, including my own, are so imaginative and whimsical by nature so it’s something that I have learned to accept and appreciate. I’ve learned to let certain things go.

              Rapid-Fire Round

              Coordinated looks? Yes or no? YES for a nice family picture!

              Tulle or Taffeta? Tulle for a ballet inspired look!

              Patent leather or matte? Patent leather, especially this Jacadi bestseller.

              Headpieces on a baby? Yes or no? On a baby, not sure, on a toddler definitely.

              Tights or knee socks? Tights - a fun color is always preferred!