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              A child's room with a canoe bed, toys and book shelves

              World of Little Interiors

              Chauncey Boothby

              Founder of the eponymous Chauncey Boothby Interiors, this seasoned designer shares the best advice she ever received and why it's important to have a plan.
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              window seat with colorful striped fabricwindow seat with colorful striped fabric

              What inspired you to become a designer?

              I have always had a strong affinity for interior design and I was so fortunate to have parents that supported my dreams. Even as a young girl, my parents fostered this sense of creativity and let me design my bedroom with a blue painted ceiling, a contrast trim and an outdoor wall lantern in my closet to give it an almost Narnia effect- I was always dreaming things up.

              What is the best piece of design advice you would have ever given or received?

              That things can be perfectly imperfect.

              How would you describe your aesthetic?

              Classic, clean, and sometimes quirky.

              Complete the following sentence: When designing a family home, the most important thing to remember is...

              That it is possible to create a space that is both beautiful AND durable. It may take a little more work and exploration, but you don’t have to totally compromise on the whole aesthetic to make it kid friendly.
              crib in front of a pale blue wallcrib in front of a pale blue wall
              What are your favorite tricks for a quick home refresh?

              Freshen up a sad old piece of furniture with a paint job and new hardware.

              Where do you like to start when putting together a room?

              I start by coming up with a whole fabric scheme for the room. It provides the initial inspiration. I then develop a floor-plan and select furniture that’s style and finishes align with the preliminary scheme.
              two sets of bunk beds in a child's roomtwo sets of bunk beds in a child's room
              toys on the floor of a child's room toys on the floor of a child's room a window seata window seat

              What would you say to the novice when it comes to designing their home...someone who is overwhelmed by all the choices and styles?

              Always try to come up with some semblance of an overall plan for the room and try and stick to it. Even if you’re not purchasing everything all at once, but over time, it will help ensure the space looks cohesive and not a total mishmash of things.