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        illustration of a scorpio baby

        Parental Arts

        How To Parent a Scorpio

        Scorpios can be highly determined and curious children who may also require ample alone time to recharge. Here, Astrologer Alice Bell offers ideas for how best to engage your intuitive Scorpio based on your own astrological sign.

        Written By
        Alice Bell
        Louise Lockhart

        Scorpio never does anything half heartedly, and they pour their whole heart into whatever they are passionate about. If you have a Scorpio child, they may have an all in or all out approach to life. They may know exactly who they want to be friends with or what activities they want to do, and if something or someone isn’t of interest to them they won’t be afraid to let you know. Your Scorpio child also has a strong intuition, and they may be able to just sense when a situation feels off or one of their peers is upset. They’re able to give helpful advice, and they tend to put on a brave face in the midst of stressful situations. They want to understand how people work, and they may ask a lot of questions about specific subjects. Whether it’s dinosaurs, doctors, or arts and crafts, if your child is interested in a topic, they may get fixated on learning everything there is to know about it.

        If You’re a Fire Sign....

        If you are an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius parent to a Scorpio, you are able to teach your child how to release all of their strong emotions in a healthy way. Your Scorpio may often have intense reactions or be super sensitive to what people tell them, so you could be good at showing them how to express their feelings rather than harboring grudges toward people. You also have a naturally optimistic and outgoing personality, while your child may be a bit more introverted. You may want to push them to sign up for after school sports or plan monthly day trip adventures together to a local spot or a nearby city. You’re able to encourage them to get out of the house and see more of the world. However, try to be mindful of your child’s need for privacy and space from time to time. You can be pretty high energy, but your Scorpio may not always feel the same.

        In addition, your Scorpio child may put a lot of pressure on themselves to do everything perfectly, and they like to feel like they’re in control in most areas of their life. You might be good at helping your child step back and take a look at the bigger picture, and you’re able to show them the upside and the learning experience that comes out of every challenge.

        Your Scorpio may also be pretty private, and they need periodic alone time to recharge themselves. They might not love huge social outings, as they would rather hang out with the people closest to them, whom they can trust. While they may not have a big friend group, they are usually fiercely loyal to those they care about. The one area where your Scorpio child may face struggles is in learning not to control so much. They have a fierce determination, and they can get fixated on having situations go a certain way, but they have to work on trusting that everything happens for a reason.

        If You’re an Earth Sign...

        If you are a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn parent to a Scorpio, you are able to be the rock that your child leans on when they’re feeling emotional. You like to stick to your tried and true everyday routines, and your Scorpio child will appreciate the structure you provide for them. By following little rituals and having a set plan for their day, your Scorpio may feel more emotionally grounded and secure. In addition, you can teach your child how to practice patience. Whereas your Scorpio may make decisions quickly, based on their initial gut instincts, you tend to have a slower, more level headed approach to planning out your life. You can show your Scorpio how to think things over instead of immediately saying no or strongly reacting to anything they don’t like.

        Because your child can get a bit fixated on subjects that they like, you can help them find productive activities that fit with their interests. If your Scorpio wants to learn more about animals, you could plan a trip to the animal shelter or the zoo, or if they have an obsession with dinosaurs or ancient artifacts, you could take them to a natural history museum.

        If You’re an Air Sign...

        If you are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius parent to a Scorpio, you and your child may have to put in some effort to get on the same page, but there is a lot to learn from one another. You may approach life with logic, analyzing everything super closely, while your Scorpio follows what their emotions are telling them. However, they may keep a lot of their feelings buried, and they like their privacy. You are naturally good at communicating, so you may be able to urge your child to speak about whatever is bothering them. You may also want to get them involved in social activities from time to time, and you could help them to be more comfortable at birthday parties or after school meetups with their peers.

        Your Scorpio child also likes to deeply understand things and get to the root of why a person or situation is the way it is. They may have a lot of questions to ask, so you may enjoy having in-depth conversations with your child, helping them to figure out answers to whatever interests them. Your Scorpio will look up to you, because of how knowledgeable you are.

        If You’re a Water Sign...

        If you are a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces parent to a Scorpio, you and your child probably have similar personalities. You may both be pretty in tune with your emotions, but sometimes your feelings can be overwhelming. You may have always thought of yourself as the sensitive one, but your Scorpio child feels everything just as deeply, even if they don’t readily show you this side of themselves. You’re very intuitive though, so you may naturally be able to sense when your child is having an off day or is upset. In addition, you and your Scorpio may both be pretty introverted, so you may need to make an effort to get out of the house sometimes and go on walks together or plan family trips. Since you are both water signs, going to the beach or a nearby lake could be calming.

        You may also want to help your Scorpio explore their creative side through buying arts and crafts or signing them up for singing or musical lessons. Even if you yourself may like going with the flow, your child will crave some sort of structure, so they will enjoy regular weekday activities. One area you may have to work on though is in letting your child explore their interests without hovering over them. Your first instinct is to nurture and take care of them, but try to let your Scorpio do their own thing every now and then.

        British Vogue's resident-astrologer, Alice Bell was initially drawn to astrology to answer questions in her life related to relationships, work and her emotions. Friends and coworkers began approaching Alice, looking for similar answers to their challenges. Even though she has helped numerous clients, she is still amazed by astrology’s transformational effects. Follow her @stalkalice. For more, find out how to parent an Aries or how to parent your Pisces children.