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              illustration of Capricorn child with other creatures from the Zodiac

              Parental Arts

              How To Parent a Capricorn Child

              Capricorns are innately hard workers, and they don’t shy away from taking on greater responsibilities. Here, Astrologer Alice Bell offers ideas for how best to engage your determined Capricorn based on your own astrological sign.

              Written By
              Alice Bell
              Louise Lockhart

              If you have a Capricorn child, they may be fond of having structure in their daily life, and they like to feel in control over their schedule. Your child may also be very ambitious, and they could talk a lot about what they want to be when they grow up, or they could often write out lists of goals they want to accomplish. As their parent, you may want to encourage them to dream big. Your child will push themselves hard to succeed at whatever they’re passionate about, but at the same time they can be their own worst critic. They may beat themselves up over getting a bad grade in school or not having someone like them. As they grow up, they have to learn how to be more compassionate and forgiving of their mistakes.

              When it comes to their social life, it may take a while for your Capricorn child to warm up to new people. They may feel a bit uncomfortable within a group until their peers have gained their trust. Once your child lets someone in though, they are extremely loyal and they take their friendship responsibilities seriously. Though your Capricorn is a natural leader, one thing they may have to watch out for though is being too bossy towards others. They hold themselves to such high standards, and this may spill out into their relationships, causing them to be overly critical of people. It could be that they don’t even realize they’re doing this, so you want to help your child become more self aware.

              They’re always trying to improve upon their weaknesses and do better. It can be hard for them to just chill and relax though, your child may always be on. They also push themselves to achieve a lot, so they may be hard workers in school and making good grades will be of the utmost importance to them.

              They also have a sense of duty and they might be the responsible one around the home, liking to solve other people’s problems or take care of necessary chores. They have naturally good leadership skills because they don’t get scared when faced with greater responsibility and they’re able to keep calm under pressure. They also like to be in charge and boss people around.

              If You’re a Fire Sign....

              If you are an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius parent to a Capricorn, you and your child may clash at times. Your child likes to feel in control and like they have their life in order, while you may prefer to act on a whim and plan as you go. Your Capricorn may also have a tendency to go over every worst case scenario that may happen to them, and they could come up with reasons why they shouldn’t do something. You are able to show them how to be more optimistic and confident, as well as help them overcome the ways in which they may hold themselves back. You may want to push your child out of their comfort zone, by encouraging them to sign up for new after school activities or trying out a new hobby. You’re showing them how to test out new things, without worrying that they’re not doing a perfect job.

              You and your Capricorn both like to be in charge, so you can both be a bit bossy at times. These qualities make you good leaders, but one lesson you may be learning from each other is how to compromise and let the other person have their way. If you’re feeling frustrated with one another, you may enjoy going on calming walks together or taking a trip somewhere new.

              If You’re an Earth Sign...

              If you are a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn parent to a Capricorn, you will naturally understand your child’s need for routine and structure. You may enjoy showing them how to help out around the house, and you could bond over doing mundane, everyday tasks together. You are also probably someone who sticks to a specific schedule everyday, and your child will appreciate how consistent you are. You’re good at helping them handle the practical details of their life, such as getting to bed on time, picking out educational books and television shows for them to enjoy, or helping them with their homework every afternoon. In addition, you may want to help them envision goals or responsibilities they would like to work towards.

              The one area to watch out for in your relationship together is that you can both be critical of each other. You and your child may get easily stressed out, because you’re both hard on yourselves. You may have super high expectations for your child, but they won’t want to feel like you’re putting even more pressure on them. Rather than pointing out your child’s mistakes, you will have to tap into your compassionate and caring side around them.

              If You’re an Air Sign...

              If you are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius parent to a Capricorn, you and your child probably approach life in very different ways. You may be in your head a lot of the time, dreaming about the future, while your Capricorn child is very focused on what is in front of them and what needs to be taken care of immediately. Your child’s need to have a set schedule may urge you to get better organized yourself. Your Capricorn may also be very ambitious, so you can help them to learn all there is to know about whatever hobby or task they’re interested in pursuing. You might be good at providing them with reading material or taking them to the library or the museum. Activities that engage their mind and teach your child something new will be enjoyable for the both of you.

              In addition, you may want to push your child to be more social. They may be a little uncomfortable in social settings, and they could need a lot of time to warm up to new people. You can help bring them out of their shell by hosting playdates at home or attending various group activities with them.

              If You’re a Water Sign...

              If you are a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces parent to a Capricorn, you are helping your child tap into their sensitive side. Your Capricorn may have a tendency to be overly critical of themselves and their peers, so you may want to encourage them to develop greater compassion and empathy. You could also want to show them how to open up and talk about their feelings when they are upset, because their first reaction might be to act as if nothing is bothering them. They may often put up a serious exterior when they are hurt, not wanting to reveal any vulnerabilities.

              Your Capricorn child may find you very soothing to be around, because you are so understanding when they are having a bad day. You’re the person they can turn to with all of their problems, because they know you will be giving and nurturing. You may both bond over the fact that you like helping other people and being responsible for taking care of those in need. You may enjoy volunteering together or adopting a pet. However, your child can be quite demanding at times, which may rub you the wrong way if you are very sensitive. You may have to develop thicker skin around them, while showing your child that they don’t have to order people around to get what they want.

              British Vogue's resident-astrologer, Alice Bell was initially drawn to astrology to answer questions in her life related to relationships, work and her emotions. Friends and coworkers began approaching Alice, looking for similar answers to their challenges. Even though she has helped numerous clients, she is still amazed by astrology’s transformational effects. Follow her @stalkalice. For more, find out how to parent an Aries , how to parent an Aquarius, how to parent your Pisces children.