Parenting a Taurus


Parenting a Taurus

Knowing what your sign brings to the parent-child dynamic can help you unlock your little bull’s artistic powers — or at least get her to change her mind.

Written By Alice Bell

Taureans approach life in grounded ways. As an earth sign, it’s all about the process, and they’re very particular about how they get things done. If you have a Taurus child, they might be slow to make a decision, but once they form an opinion about something, good luck getting them to changing their minds. Taureans can very stubborn. They like to keep to themselves and surround themselves with what is familiar. They might have a certain space in the house where they keep items that are special to them. It’s important not to disrupt their safe areas. Taureans are creatures of habit and like everything to remain constant.

Taureans also have heightened senses. They’re guided by what they hear, taste, smell, see and touch. They like to be surrounded by beauty, and many take an interest in the arts or fashion. Try involving your Taurus child in hobbies that are more creative, or take them on trips to museums or the park. Any activity that is multi-sensory and hands-on will help immerse them in the present. Baking and helping out in the kitchen is a happy place for them. When it comes to sports, they're not as competitive as other signs might be. Their reactions are slower too, so they are not ideal for fast-paced sports. Since they're so about touch and how things feel, you could try dance classes or beginner's yoga.


If you are an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius parent, you’re more likely to butt heads. You probably have a sense of urgency, which Taurus lacks. Fire signs want to get things going immediately, and they grow impatient with people who are slow. You may get frustrated if your child takes forever to get ready in the morning or only wants to stay at home on the weekends. It’s hard for you to understand their more introverted sides and their needs for their own space. Your Taurus child will teach you how to slow down and be more reflective.

Fire signs have a loud way of showing their emotions, while Taurus keeps how they feel to themselves. Taureans show their love through small but thoughtful acts of kindness. Among their friend groups, they are more of a quiet-leader type. They may not put a lot of energy towards being social, but with their close friends, they are always very loyal and trustworthy. You can encourage them to be more involved in group activities, but don’t try to push anything. Taureans tend to be very set in their own ways. Trying to force your Taurus child to do something is not going to work, because they're so stubborn. You might want to try telling them how the chore or activity will benefit them somehow. You have to show them that the work will lead to good results in the end. Spoiling them and giving them things to get them to obey is the worst approach.


Virgo, Capricorn and fellow Taurus parents, you approach life similarly to your Taurus child. This is a relationship that comes easily. As a parent, you’re very organized and structured, and your child appreciates this and is happy to follow along. You teach them practical, everyday things, such as doing household chores or getting to bed on time. You’re always prepared for any activities they might want to do, and they like the stability you provide for them.

The relationship between you and your Taurus child is more productive and less talkative. You find it best when you’re working on a craft together or planning out your day. You can also encourage your child to work hard and set goals for the future. Taurus has the tendency to be slower moving, so Capricorn and Virgo parents can teach them efficiency as well. The only challenge to this relationship is that you both have one-track minds, so it’s hard to open yourselves up to the other’s point of view. The key is learning how to be more flexible with one another.


If you’re a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius parent to a Taurus, you have completely different ways of viewing the world. Taurus children like security and doing things the predictable way, while Air signs are the exact opposite. You’re more thought-oriented, and you always like to change up the pace and add excitement into your life. Taurus children don’t like sudden surprises to their daily schedules, because it takes them longer to warm up to anything new. Avoid springing sudden trips or playdates on them because they probably won’t react well.

Air signs are more people-oriented, and they like bringing groups together and promoting new ideas. Your Taurus child needs alone time, though. Big crowds might intimidate Taurus children, so try to find at-home activities that you can both enjoy. If they don’t want to be social, don’t force it. Because you value communication so much, try reading books with them or encourage them to start writing in a journal. You can also encourage Taurus children to think in more ways than one. If they’re trying to piece together a puzzle or build a house out of Legos and it’s not coming together, help them to step back and find an alternative approach.


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces parents, you pair well with your Taurus child. Taurus is the most creative of all the earth signs, and you can help them tap into their more sensitive sides. Emotions are expressed easily between the two of you, and you understand your child’s need for physical affection and reassurance. You’re both more home-oriented people too, and you get it when your child needs to go off into their room and spend time away from everyone.

Arts and crafts are what you do best together. Playing with clay and watercolors appeal to Taurus children because they like activities that involve their hands. Because you’re a more go-with-the-flow type parent, your child will help structure a daily routine for you and keep you from retreating into your own little world, too. However, you’ll both have to push each other to get out of the house from time to time. Physical activity is a weakness for both of you, so you should encourage your child to play outside a few days a week.

A Vogue alumna, Alice Bell was initially drawn to astrology to answer questions in her life related to relationships, work and her emotions. Friends and coworkers began approaching Alice, looking for similar answers to their challenges. Even though she has helped numerous clients, she is still amazed by astrology’s transformational effects. Follow her @stalkalice.

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