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        illustration of a child dressed like a fish, representing the astrological sign of a pisces


        How to Parent a Pisces

        Where you sit in the zodiac has a lot to do with how you can empower your little fish — or at least get him to brush his teeth, according to our chartist-in-residence Alice Bell.

        Written By
        Alice Bell
        Louise Lockhart

        Pisces is the most intuitive and creative sign in the zodiac. Pisces children are big daydreamers. They have many artistic talents, and they’ll want to creatively express themselves. They are also more introverted than the other signs. Because they’re so susceptible to the energies of other people and their environments, Pisces kids need to spend time alone to recharge their batteries. It’s likely that they’ll prefer solo arts and crafts over playing in a huge group with other children. At times it can be harder for them to get a strong grip on reality. It’s almost like they’re off in their own little worlds half the time. Putting them to work might be difficult; they’ll always do better with a less-structured routine.

        Relationships between signs are not one-way streets, and your cosmic makeup plays a role, too. Knowing what your sign brings to the equation can help you figure out how best to interact with your little zodiac.

        If You're a Fire Sign...

        If you’re an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius parent to a Pisces, you may find it hard to understand where your child is coming from. While you might have a can-do attitude and like to take action quickly, Pisces children go where life carries them. On the plus side, a Pisces will bring out your sensitive side and teach you how to slow down. Because you’re so different, this will be a relationship in which both of your personality weaknesses are highlighted in order for you to learn from each other.

        Your naturally strong nature will serve as a support system for Pisces. Overall, they’re shy children, so you’re able to help them come out of their shells and interact with others. The challenge for you is learning how to be less domineering. In work-related tasks, you can teach them how to be more effective and realistic without trying to control them. Just because Pisces children don't want to be “on” all the time does not mean they’re lazy.

        If You're an Earth Sign...

        Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn parents, you are the rock for your Pisces child’s changeable emotions. Both of you seek security, so at times it may feel like you complete one another. You work well together because your dependable personality balances out their more imaginative traits. You are able to teach them how to realize their ideas and show them that at times creation is a slow process.

        Your Pisces children may also stir emotions in you that you never knew you had. You approach life with your thoughts, whereas a Pisces child approaches life with feelings. You will have to learn how to open up and be more sensitive. A Pisces child is very intuitive, and they have certain gut feelings about situations that you may have trouble understanding. You might have to see to believe, while Pisces can feel things before they’ve happened. So, if your child is unwilling to go somewhere or be friends with someone, it’s usually because of reasons that are unseen to you. Trust their instincts, but at the same time show them how to be a little less emotionally reactive. It's easy for them to get carried away.

        If You're an Air Sign...

        Gemini, Libra and Aquarius parents, you’re the ones most likely to have misunderstandings with a Pisces. Sharing emotions may be a foreign concept to you, so you’ll have a hard time figuring out why your child has so many feelings. You approach life in a more detached way, and you value your independence. A Pisces tends to need someone to lean on, and he or she will be turning to you. This will be an opportunity for you to become more grounded.

        On the positive side, you can inspire your Pisces children to think in new and innovative ways. You’re very open to their forms of self-expression, and you encourage them to be their most unique selves. You will find the most common ground while helping them to engage in more unusual hobbies and crafts. To balance out their strong emotions, you can teach them how to step back and rationalize their feelings. It’s also easy for you to empathize with their aversions to doing daily chores and needs to be alone because the same goes for you, too. You can help by finding a less boring and tedious approach to their responsibilities.

        If You're a Water Sign...

        For Cancer, Scorpio and fellow Pisces parents, this parent-child relationship will come naturally to you. Because you’re both so empathetic, you’ll often know how your child is feeling without having to tell you. Your emotions at times might mirror theirs. You view life in similar ways, and the bond that develops between you two will be very deep.

        However, there runs the risk of becoming too dependent on one another. You will need to actively encourage your child to go out into the world and be more social. You both are inclined to stay at home because that’s where you feel the safest and most secure. When it's time to attend school, it will be hard to separate yourselves from one another. Encouraging your child to voice their feelings will be your strong suit since you’re so familiar with addressing your own. In that way, you can help them to overcome their fears and not keep everything bottled up.

        A Vogue alumna, Alice Bell was initially drawn to astrology to answer questions in her life related to relationships, work and her emotions. Friends and coworkers began approaching Alice, looking for similar answers to their challenges. Even though she has helped numerous clients, she is still amazed by astrology’s transformational effects. Follow her @stalkalice.

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