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              The Best 15 Toys to Give the 4-Year-Old Girl in Your Life

              Celebrate their imagination and aspirations with dynamic toys that will make any 4-year-old girl jump and twirl for joy.

              Written By
              Amber Guetebier

              Ask anyone who’s gone for a walk with a 4-year-old, and they’ll attest that a preschooler’s ingenuity is a thing of beauty. Tap into that natural creativity with toys for 4-year-old girls that give them a chance to use those big brains to grow and learn. From STEM toys to dress-up, here are some of the best toys for 4-year-old girls that are sure to spark imagination and help build confidence through play. 

              Educational Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

              At this pre-K stage, kids might be looking to up their counting and alphabet game a bit, but play is really at the heart of everything they do. This makes educational toys for four-year-old girls that combine play and learning a win-win.

              Plus Plus Learn to Build - ABC & 123

              There’s no grand rubric that demands your child know their ABCs and 123s by age four, but allowing children to familiarize themselves with the basics of reading and counting in a playful way can help set them up for success in elementary school. This set combines hands-on play and building with learning fundamentals, making these (literally) building blocks of education! The collection contains 400 colorful pieces and 40 learning cards that teach upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and more.

              Math Magic from Wonder & Wise by Asweets 

              Learning basic math equations becomes a playful game by simply turning and arranging the little beech wood pieces in this set. Aesthetically it’s a charming and simple set, but it packs a big punch in terms of making math approachable and joyful.

              STEM Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

              Exposing girls to science and engineering at a young age helps cement the belief that children of any gender can be successful in STEM fields. This makes STEM toys for four-year-old girls an excellent addition to any gift list of toys for kids. 

              CreateOnGalaxy Spaceship Magna-Tiles Structures

              Magna Tiles are a big winner when it comes to puzzles for 4-year-old girls. Whether they’re heading to the International Space Station from the living room or simply looking for a new puzzle to play with, this set teaches kids about space, all while developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It’s a great toy to give kids a tangible connection to all the space travel in the news, too! And because they are part of the Magna-Tiles line, they’re compatible with any other sets you might already own.

              KNOP KNOP Giraffe 29-Piece Felt Building Kit

              KNOP KNOP makes an array of soft, felt building toys suitable for kids ages 3 and up. Instead of ranking their toys by specific ages, though, the company rates them on difficulty levels between one and five—honoring the fact that kids develop fine motor skills at different rates. In general, 4-year-olds will find the most success with sets between levels one and three, so if you’re new to this line of toys, we suggest starting on the easier end. Enter this delightful 29-piece giraffe build (level two). Not only can kids make a giraffe, the kit also includes instructions to make a cheetah, baby kangaroo, and an airplane…not to mention anything else creative they can think of!

              KAPLA 100 Case

              The 100-piece set of clean pine blocks can be stacked in hundreds of ways to make castles, towers, and creatures galore. It’s a toy that kids don’t outgrow too quickly: the older they get, the more complex the builds are. We love that this set lets a kid’s mind take center stage while still teaching them fine motor skills and the principles of balance and construction.

              Train Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

              From The Little Engine That Could to The Polar Express, there’s something so classic about playing with trains. Since this is an age where four-year-olds love imaginary scenario play, having a train obsession is practically a preschool rite of passage. These favorites incorporate top trends at this age because nothing says train toys for 4-yea r-old girls like pink bridges, firefighters, and dinosaur toys

              Preschool Play Labs Country Train and Table Set 

              A train table provides an at-their-level play, allowing four-year-olds the grand overview of the world they are curating. This beautiful, wooden Play Lab Toys set includes a 15” high table, the train, and an entire town’s worth of accessories, like a fire station and fire engine, greenery, road signs, and a bridge. The train is magnetic, so it’s compatible with other train pieces we’re betting your little one already has. Plus, the various buildings and pieces can be moved around into a variety of configurations, on and off the table. 

              Bigjigs Toys Fairy Town Train Set 

              Not all wooden train sets have to be about the people in the neighborhood. This set marries a magical fairyland with the world of wooden train play, using pastels and pinks along with fairy figurines to give the set an otherworldly quality that can be mixed and matched with other train sets, too.

              Prehistoric Pals Wooden Train Track Vehicles 

              Around age four, dinosaurs frequently start to rival any train obsession, but why make them choose? Brightly colored and affordable, this four-piece pack of wooden “vehicles” is designed to look like friendly dinosaurs. And with magnetic front and back pieces, they can join in other magnetic trains set anywhere from the engine to the caboose.

              Backyard Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

              Taking play into the great outdoors, whether in your own backyard or a local park, keeps active 4-year-olds entertained in the fresh air and encourages a sense of adventure. Toys that enhance nature play or exploration of the neighborhood all fit in with a 4-year-old’s sense of constant curiosity and wonder. Backyard and park toys can help ensure you’re raising a child ready for the adventures ahead.

              TP Toys Splash and Play Happy Chef Wooden Mudd Kitchen

              Anyone who thinks getting mucky and messy is reserved for boys hasn’t met our daughters! We love this outdoor kitchen that combines a play kitchen with an outdoor water table to set the stage for the ultimate preschool playdate. The sink has a working pump so water can flow through mud pies or washing up. We also love how versatile it is: you can set it up for dry activity play and even bring it inside during cooler months to have a pretend-play kitchen indoors.

              Moulin Roty Tea Set  

              Although this little tea set looks delicate, don’t let it fool you. It’s made of tin, so it’s durable enough to set up backyard tea parties and won’t cause a panic if left outside overnight. We have to admit, though, our kids have had just as much fun carefully placing each piece back into the adorable little suitcase and toting it around as they have setting it up for fairy feasts.

              Banwood First Go! Scoot Bike

              If your 4-year-old isn’t already cruising around on a bike, scoot bikes are a parent-approved way to get them moving. Rather than adding training wheels to a traditional bike, these bikes encourage balance before kids start to pedal. To be honest, they had us at the wicker basket. We also suggest snagging one of Banwood’s helmets, like this one, in a sprinkle-esque pattern.

              Pretend Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

              Fairy tale princess ballerina with a sword? Astronaut baker with a backyard franchise? There aren’t many scenarios a 4-year-old can’t imagine. So provide a handful of costumes, accessories, and pretend play toys, and let them do the incredible rest.

              MoiMui Creations Animals Tiara

              There are tiaras, and then there are tiaras! This one features a display of animals enhanced with a few crowning jewels, perfect for letting all the other animals know who the Queen of the Forest is. Don it for tea parties with stuffies, zoo outings, or just everyday wear.

              MON AMI Marie Antoinette Cake Stacker Set

              Pretend play food is a staple in the toy pantry. This soft, stackable cake is so cute it looks great sitting on their dresser or play table when not in use but trust us: It will get a lot of use!

              Amber Guetebier

              Amber is a writer with a penchant for books, pirates, plants, and travel, not necessarily in that order. She writes about all of these things, too, and occasionally uses an old typewriter to do it. A California transplant living in St. Paul, Minnesota, she enjoys exploring the world with her adventurous, kind son, who is reading over her shoulder as she writes this. Discover more of her habits at