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        Have a Preschooler? Here Are the 25 Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys

        For holidays, birthdays, or just because, this list of the best toys for 4-year-old boys covers all of your preschooler’s favorites. Whether they’re into dinosaurs, pirates, cars, climbing, spaceships, playing house, make believe, or dress-up, there’s something in this curated list for every little out there.

        Written By
        Abi Berwager Schreier

        Stem Toys for 4 Year-Old-Boys

        Little Helper Wooden Tool Box

        What little wouldn't love their own wooden tool box with accessories to tinker around with? This Little Helper Wooden Tool Box is the perfect gift for those children who want to “help” mom and dad fix things around the house. Not only does this tool box spark creative play and imagination, but it also elevates your child’s confidence, helps with hand-eye coordination and boosts creativity.


          Little Helper Wooden Tool BoxLittle Helper Wooden Tool Box

          Rocket Construction Set

          What’s cooler than pretending to fly to outer space? Building your own rocket ship in order to do so, of course. The Tender Leaf Toys Rocket Construction Set definitely fits the bill for many aspects of the perfect toy for a 4-year-old. They’re durably made from solid rubber wood, they inspire creative play, and also work on critical thinking and hand-eye coordination when building the rockets. Each rocket can be taken apart and put back together in different ways with all sorts of patterns, making your mini’s rocket unique — just like they are.


            Tender Leaf Toys Rocket Construction SetTender Leaf Toys Rocket Construction Set

            The Galaxy Spaceship Magna-Tiles Structures

            Magna-Tiles are the ultimate STEM toy, and they’re so versatile, whether your mini likes to stack them high in the sky, build structures, or even use their refrigerator or garage door to stick the magnets on there, making a work of art. Now your favorite 4 year old can create their own spaceships or safari animals with tiles. The Galaxy Spaceship Magna-Tiles Structures or The 25 Piece Safari Animals Set teach reasoning skills, hand-eye coordination, and is a great complement to that Magna-Tile set I’m sure your mini already loves.


              The Galaxy Spaceship Magna-Tiles StructuresThe Galaxy Spaceship Magna-Tiles Structures

              Go Bike Air Balance Bike

              The Go Bike Air Balance Bike will seamlessly take your little from balancing to pedaling in no time. This bike grows with your child and is easily adjustable for parents to keep up with their growing toddler. The tires are made from 100% rubber for maximum shock absorption and your little will love the smooth and fun ride.


                globber go bike air balance globber go bike air balance

                Outdoor Table & Chairs Set

                Littles love sensory bins, and parents love when those sensory bins can be mess-free and contained. And if they’re outside? Even better. Enter the Outdoor Picnic Table and Chairs Set. This set is the perfect size for your 4 year old and the wooden panels on the top come right off, revealing two plastic bins to fill with whatever sensory items that are most loved. The accessories add even more fun, with a bucket, sifter, hand rake, hand shovel, and a seahorse shape mold. This will be an outdoor favorite for years to come.


                  Outdoor Oasis Table & Chairs SetOutdoor Oasis Table & Chairs Set

                  Ferrari Go Kart

                  Everyone loves a Ferrari, and this Ferrari Go Kart makes for a pretty special gift for that 4-year-old in your life. This takes the old three-wheelers to the next level, and your mini will be cruising with style in this red go kart, and the checkered flag blowing in the wind.


                    Ferrari Go Kart

                    Dinosaur Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys

                    Dino World Volcano Escape

                    Cars and dinosaurs and tracks, oh my! Dino World Volcano Escape is an amazing toy for 4-year-old boys that has everything a mini would want in a toy. A wooden track with dips and turns, dinosaurs, and even volcanoes? Yes, please. They must escape the erupting volcano through lava and across the “bronto bridge” for safety. Can they do it? Let’s find out.


                      Dino World Volcano EscapeDino World Volcano Escape

                      Dino World: T-Rex Tremor Cave

                      The Dino World: T-Rex Tremor Cave is a wooden race track providing ultimate fun as your littles take their dino cars and soar through tunnels and a cave to reach the circle track at the bottom of the course. An excellent perk of this set is that it comes with extra dino buddies to play with and additional wooden pieces for scenery — and a perk for parents is the built-in storage box for all the pieces.


                        Dino World: T-Rex Tremor CaveDino World: T-Rex Tremor Cave

                        Climbing Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys

                        Explorer Climber Playset

                        Your minis will love climbing up to their secret hiding spot attached to this outdoor climber. They’ll get plenty of exercise climbing up and down, and they can take a rest in the canopy while using their imaginations for all types of creative play. One of the greatest parts about this outdoor climber is the fact that you can purchase additional attachments to connect for even more fun, like the Jungle Run attachment and Monkey Bridge.


                          Explorer Climber PlaysetExplorer Climber Playset

                          Splash Landing Waterslide with Water Cannon

                          Bring the fun in the sun straight to your backyard with this inflatable water slide. There are two water sprayers at the top and a “cannon” that can spray water at the sliders as they come down into the large pool area. And the best part? You don’t have to deal with crowds at a waterpark, you can simply just hook it up to the hose in your backyard and have your littles go to town.


                            Splash Landing Waterslide with Water CannonSplash Landing Waterslide with Water Cannon

                            Puzzles for 4-Year-Old Boys

                            Dinosaur Park 25 Piece Floor Puzzle

                            Made with 90% recycled paper, this dinosaur floor puzzle will promote creative play, logical thinking skills, and a lot of quiet, analogue fun. Littles will love recreating the whimsical and colorful dinosaurs in the picture, and this puzzle is a must-add to your stash of puzzles for 4 year olds you may already have in your arsenal.


                              Dinosaur Park 25 Piece Floor PuzzleDinosaur Park 25 Piece Floor Puzzle

                              35-Piece World Map Puzzle

                              What 4-year-old doesn’t love a good puzzle? This wooden world map puzzle is beautifully illustrated, and has color-coded pieces to help littles along as they piece everything together. This toy extends beyond being a puzzle — it allows for even more teachable moments from parents to discuss where everything on the map is and what each country is called. As with every kids puzzle, this world map puzzle aids in hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills, and, once complete, gives the feeling of a job well done.


                                35-Piece World Map Puzzle35-Piece World Map Puzzle

                                Cargo Truck

                                This Cargo Truck from Luke’s Toy Factory isn’t your typical toy truck. It’s also a nine-part puzzle that has to be put together before your mini can drive it. So not only is it every 4-year-old’s favorite type of toy (a vehicle!), but it also serves as a STEM toy. This truck encourages pretend play, problem solving, fine-motor skills, and per the description, the parts fit together with a little wiggle room so your mini doesn’t get too frustrated. Which is a win for parents, too.


                                   Cargo Truck Cargo Truck

                                  Wooden Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys

                                  Le Toy Van Barbarossa Pirate Ship

                                  Playing pirates is absolutely a favorite pastime for littles spanning all generations. There’s something magical about pretending to sail the open seas in search of treasure, isn’t it? This wooden painted pirate ship takes “playing pirates” to the next level with its excellent craftsmanship, intricate details and features, and the ship’s all around visually appealing factor. This wooden ship has a crow’s nest, a “walk-the-plank,” a spring-loaded firing cannon with cannon balls, a wind up anchor, a trap door, a helm, and fabric sails. Plus it’s perfectly sized for any Budkins characters and other figurines that are 10 centimeters tall. What do pirates do when their pirate ship is the treasure itself? You’ll have to grab one to find out.


                                    Le Toy Van Barbarossa Pirate ShipLe Toy Van Barbarossa Pirate Ship

                                    Little Nook 19-Piece Wooden Doll and Stuffed Animal Playhouse

                                    This gorgeous wooden doll and stuffed animal playhouse is artfully designed, and is an incredibly high-quality, wooden toy for 4 year olds. It comes with adorable woodland creature residents, a hammock, a bed with all the linens, a sofa, two chairs, an ottoman, an easel, a shelving unit, a ladder, and more. This house will be more furnished than your first apartment with better quality items, too. Minis will unleash their creativity and imagination coming up with all sorts of scenarios that could come up in this happy home.


                                      Little Nook 19-Piece Wooden Doll and Stuffed Animal PlayhouseLittle Nook 19-Piece Wooden Doll and Stuffed Animal Playhouse

                                      Pretend Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys

                                      Bunny Hop Mixer

                                      Littles love this Bunny Hop Mixer Set, because not only do they get to pretend to be amazing bakers in the kitchen, but the bunny mixer itself is cute to boot. This set comes with the bunny-shaped mixer, a bag of flour, a bottle of organic milk, a jar of sugar, an egg, and of course all the tools they’ll need to get their bake on.


                                        Bunny Hop MixerBunny Hop Mixer

                                        Baby Stella Doll

                                        Baby Stella Dolls are award-winning for a reason. They’re beautifully crafted, from the soft clothing and removable diaper, to the magical pacifier that attaches to its mouth. And they’re snuggly soft. Minis will love the opportunity to love on and care for a baby, while learning to be compassionate, kind, and empathetic from a young age.


                                          Baby Stella DollBaby Stella Doll

                                          Dragon Cape

                                          This dragon cape is the perfect toy for a preschooler, because not only can they use it for dress-up for years to come, but it could also serve as an amazing Halloween costume. Made from soft crushed velvet, this cape even has spikes on its back that stand up on their own. And the velcro closure at the neck means it’s easy for even a preschooler to take on and off on their own.


                                            Dragon CapeDragon Cape

                                            Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen

                                            Is your mini serious about some cooking and pretend play in the kitchen? Then they’ll love this Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen. Teamson Kids has thought of everything down to the detail, like an ice maker with real cubes, a farmhouse sink, plenty of storage, and even knobs that turn and click. Role playing has never been more fun.


                                              This Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen This Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen

                                              Veggie Basket

                                              Your little will need a basket of veggies to go along with their play kitchens or pretend picnics they’ll absolutely be hosting when they have this set. This wicker basket comes with a pumpkin, an avocado, a turnip, a mushroom, a chili pepper, and even a leek, covering all of your vegetable needs.


                                                Veggie BasketVeggie Basket

                                                Things That Go Toys for 4-Year-Olds

                                                Mighty Mountain Mine Playset

                                                Detailed is the word that comes to mind first when looking at this Mighty Mountain Mine Playset. Hape has left no stone unturned when creating this elaborate toy, and your children will happily get to work with their imaginations. It’s multi-level, has a wooden railway, an obstacle bridge, a crane, a conveyor belt, a repair station, and even a waterfall tunnel for your minis to explore with their mining vehicles.


                                                  Mighty Mountain Mine PlaysetMighty Mountain Mine Playset

                                                  Waterfall Junction Train Set and Table

                                                  This train set table isn’t just a toy, it’s going to become an heirloom in your family for many years to come. It’s gorgeously crafted and comes with 112 pieces to build an entire landscape where trains can go around and through a mountain, over a bridge, and through a waterfall. There’s even a working crane — and thankfully, storage bins for all 112 pieces of this incredible set.


                                                    Waterfall Junction Train Set and TableWaterfall Junction Train Set and Table

                                                    Country Train and Table Set

                                                    Your little will have an entire city in their playroom when they discover this gorgeous Country Train and Table Set. Not only will their imaginations be ignited and inspired by all the different accessories and figures, but they will be learning about their communities as they play because this set comes with essential workers and their environments, like firefighters, doctors, EMTs, police officers, and more.


                                                      Country Train and Table SetCountry Train and Table Set

                                                      Fire Station Play Set

                                                      There is something so exciting and awe inspiring about a fire truck, firefighters and a fire station. This Fire Station Playset is incredibly detailed and well made, with three levels featuring all the different parts of the firehouse, including a kitchen, study room, sleeping area, rooftop for a helicopter, a place to park the fire truck, and of course, a fireman’s pole and a Dalmatian. Two firefighters and a truck are also included in this impressive set.


                                                        Fire Station Play SetFire Station Play Set

                                                        Abi Berwager Schreier

                                                        Abi Berwager Schreier

                                                        Abi is an Atlanta-based lifestyle and parenting writer reporting on children's books and toys, fertility, pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, parenting, medical health, mental health, and pop-culture.

                                                        Her byline has appeared in Parade, Romper, Baby Chick, alternative weekly Creative Loafing, and Atomic Family Magazine. Abi’s been a freelance writer and editor for the past 11 years writing music profiles, web content, and ghostwriting blog posts for CEOs.

                                                        When she isn’t writing or copy editing, Abi loves being a mom to her 4-year-old son Jack, chugging coffee, cooking plant-based meals, working out, and spending time at home with the rest of her family — a husband, two cats, and two beagles — whom she lovingly refers to as "The Funny Farm."