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              gifts for toddler boys

              Gift Guide

              The Best Gifts for Toddler Boys

              As babies transition into toddlers, they start exploring the world much differently. To help you choose the best gift for the toddler boy in your life, we've rounded up 15 fantastic options that will turn playtime into a learning experience.

              Written By
              Dobrina Zhekova

              As babies transition into toddlers, they start exploring the world much differently. They become more aware of themselves, their emotions, and their surroundings, which also changes how they play. Stacking, shape-sorting, and role-playing toys are all excellent gifts for toddler boys as they support their development and help them reach important milestones. This is also the best time to introduce them to the alphabet, numbers, and primary colors. Of course, it's easier said than done, which in this case requires sipping through thousands of options online.

              Exploration Station

              There's no better way to challenge a toddler's adventurous spirit than by adding a space or ocean-themed exploration station to his toy collection. These wooden Manhattan Toys' activity centers will teach them the basics about marine life and stars by helping them develop their motor and color recognition skills. Oh, and did we mention that they will keep them busy for hours so mom or dad can take time for themselves?! You're welcome.


                Celestial Star Explorer Wooden Activity CenterCelestial Star Explorer Wooden Activity Center

                Activity Walker

                A baby walker is the gift that keeps on giving as toddlers grow. From sitting to walking alone, it will keep them occupied during each stage of their walking journey. Among the activities are a shape sorting game, counting flaps, a bead maze, a mirror, and many others that will help them meet their developmental milestones while having fun at the same time.


                  Activity WalkerActivity Walker

                  Plush Lovey

                  They may be growing, but toddlers still love their stuffed animals. These ultra-soft baby T-Rex and French bunny by Mon Ami are incredibly fuzzy, cute, and just the right size to carry in a toddler's backpack in case they become inseparable. Another bonus? Stuffed animals help toddlers soothe themselves to fall asleep easier and also are great pretend-play companions.


                    Mon Ami Tiny The Baby T-RexMon Ami Tiny The Baby T-Rex

                    Table and Chairs

                    Toddlers love their newfound independence, so gifting them their own table and chairs will make them incredibly happy. This Tender Leaf Toys forest-theme set comes with a table with a chalkboard panel and a hidden storage compartment, perfect for crayons, chalk, and toys. The rabbit and bear-inspired chairs are made from plywood and have a capacity of 66 pounds each.


                      Table and ChairsTable and Chairs

                      Kitchen Range

                      A play set that keeps them busy and teaches them about food preparation? Why, yes! This elaborate kitchen range by Teamson Kids has everything a real kitchen does—a refrigerator, a stove, an oven, and a sink. The interactive and realistic design allows little chefs to explore cooking spaces, play pretend with their peers, and fine-tune their motor skills by opening the cabinets and twisting the knobs.


                        Little Chef Paris Modern Play KitchenLittle Chef Paris Modern Play Kitchen

                        Train Set

                        Problem-solving, developing fine motor skills, sparking their imagination, the benefits of a train set gift are many. This one by Le Toy Van comprises 180 wooden pieces, including tracks, bridges, buildings, and other accessories that make it more realistic and fun to play with.


                          Le Toy Van Royal Express Train SetLe Toy Van Royal Express Train Set


                          Toddlers love imitating adults, so gifting them their first backpack where they can carry their water bottle and a favorite toy will win you major brownie points (plus, let's face it, toddlers in mini backpacks are quite simply the cutest thing ever).

                          And speaking of cute, meet Mon Ami's Taylor Turtle backpack. It is so soft and fuzzy it can easily double as a stuffed animal and has adjustable straps and a zippered storage compartment for easy carrying.


                            turtle backpackturtle backpack


                            Coordination, shape recognition, and logical thinking are just three reasons that make puzzles an excellent gift for toddler boys and girls. And since we love multitasking toys, we recommend this play puzzle that, once assembled, transforms into an actual pirate ship toy that will spark your little one's imagination.



                              T-Rex Costume

                              Toddlers learn a lot about themselves and the world through pretend play, and costumes are essential to making it fun. And since we are yet to meet a toddler who doesn't think T-rex is the coolest dinosaur ever, this cape and claws are an easy way for them to transform into one. Also, since this is not a full-on costume, it doesn't hinder potty training or potty time.


                                T-Rex CostumeT-Rex Costume

                                Smoothie Set

                                Use this smoothing-making food set as an opportunity to teach toddlers about healthy eating and the benefits of fruits and veggies. It includes a detachable jug, six sliceable fruits, a play knife, and two wooden tumblers with toppings.


                                  Smoothie SetSmoothie Set

                                  Tool Bench

                                  We really wish these cool tool benches were a thing back when we were growing up. Tender Leaf Toys' tool table will challenge their creativity and, imagination, logical thinking and do wonders for their engineering and fine motor skills.


                                    Tool BenchTool Bench

                                    Camper Playhouse

                                    Everybody needs their personal space, including toddlers. It's actually pretty important for their development, especially if they share a room with other siblings. So they will be over the moon when you gift them this cool mini camper. It's made from cotton and is just the right size—small enough not to overwhelm a room but also large enough for a small human to fit in it. You can also "park" it in the backyard in the summer for a more authentic experience.


                                      Camper PlayhouseCamper Playhouse

                                      Mix It Up

                                      Toddlers love using tools like spoons to mix and move stuff around. And this brilliant game is perfect for that, plus it teaches them color recognition, counting, nesting, and stacking. Another bonus? The set comes with a wooden scooper that improves their fine motor skills.


                                        nesting toysnesting toys


                                        Toddlers are not yet old enough to ride a bike, but scooters are a whole different thing. Get them excited about spending time outdoors and physical activity with this super colorful scooter. The low-to-the-ground deck helps younger toddlers keep their balance, and the rear foot brake is super easy to use. Add an equally cool helmet to the gift while you're on it.



                                          Musical Llama

                                          Perfect for toddlers one and up, this mini-musical llama offers them a chance to try their hand at making music—or just making a lot of noise, which is great for auditory stimulation. With guiro-like notches, a xylophone, two clacking saddle blankets that double as drums, your little one will have plenty of musical instruments to get acquainted with. And who knows, maybe they'll develop a lifelong passion for music?!


                                            Musical LlamaMusical Llama