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              Gift Guide

              15 of the Best Gifts for Newborn Boys, According to a New Mom

              Here, the best gifts for newborn baby boys, from stylish bibs to crinkle books and teether toys, courtesy of a mom of a one-year-old boy.

              Written By
              Kristin Tice Studeman

              Finding the perfect gift for a newborn baby can feel challenging and oftentimes, a bit daunting. This is, after all, a momentous occasion and you want to celebrate this new little guy in your life with something special. While diapers and rash cream are most certainly important in the life of a newborn baby boy and their parents, they aren’t all that fun to give.

              Instead, opt for a gift that is either a keepsake piece (like a personalized book their parents can read to them over and over again and then save it as a special heirloom), or something that is both functional and brings a little style to their busy lives.

              Here, some of our favorite, tried-and-true baby gift ideas, from gifts for their sensorial development, to infant and baby boy clothes, or stylish bibs and sentimental books. Your search for the perfect newborn boy gift is over.

              1. Personalized Book

              Storytime every night before bed is extra special when you have a personalized book to read. Custom books from I See Me are always a win-win gift—they are personal and make for a great keepsake, educational and functional, and most of all, they don’t take up too much space.

              I See Me! Book 

              2. A Carry-All Bag

              One of the absolute best gifts for a newborn baby boy (or girl) is a bag to carry all of their stuff when you travel. While that may sound unnecessary (you’re probably thinking they already have plenty of bags they could use), it will undoubtedly be one of the most used gifts they receive.

              CB Station Kids Overnight Duffle 

              3. A Cozy Set

              Is there such a thing as having too many cute, cozy sets when you have a baby? Definitely not. But if you’re worried they might have already received too many baby boy clothes, get them a bigger size (like 12 to 18 months) and trust me, they will thank you later when their baby reaches that size range (which always happens faster than you think) and they suddenly have nothing to put them in. 

              Maison Me Baby Waffle Henley Set 

              4. Stroller Toys

              Babes will find endless amusement in this high contrast stroller toy, complete with crinkle paper, a rattle and mirror, and teethers (talk about an all-in-one toy), and their parents will thank you later for keeping their little one entertained in the stroller while they run out to buy more diapers.

              Manhattan Toy Spiral  

              5. Bandana Bibs

              The bandana bib is a cute accessory that doubles as a catch-all for drool, milk spit-ups and food. What could be better than that? Every new parent will surely appreciate receiving a few more of these.

              Classic Muslin Bandana Bib Set 

              6. Memory Book

              Help them preserve all the tender moments and memories with a book where they can write down everything from baby’s first tooth to first steps. While this might seem like something they would receive doubles or triples of, it’s surprisingly not a gift a lot of people give a newborn or their parents. This is one of the absolute best gifts for newborn boys (and girls)!

              Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book 

              7. A Strolley

              Multipurpose gifts are almost always a win when it comes to baby gifts. This hand-woven rattan strolley doubles as a toy stroller and a trolley (as well as a decorative basket for storing toys in their room when they aren’t old enough to actually use it).

              Olli Ella Strolley 

              8. Cashmere Blanket

              They will likely receive multiple baby blankets, but all the y really need is a super soft, cashmere stroller blanket—an absolute essential for babes who live in cold weather climates. This Petite Plum one is monogrammable if you want to make your baby gift extra personal.

              Petite Plume, Cashmere Baby Blanket 

              9. Hot Wheels

              It’s a stylish addition to their nursery for now, and a great toy they will have a lot of fun with when they are more mobile a few months later. For the baby (and parents) who seem to have everything, this is the perfect newborn baby gift solution.

              Ambosstoys Primo Ride on Toy Classic 

              10. A Rattan Basket

              More than anything, this is just a super charming little mushroom basket that makes for an adorable gift. But it is also a place to store things (bibs, toys, whatever they want…) and that is something every parent of a newborn baby needs.

              Olli Ella Rattan Mushroom Basket 

              11. Hat & Mittens

              If they live somewhere that experiences any sort of winter, they will want plenty of cozy mittens and hats to keep their little warm. Even if they already have a couple of hats and/or mittens, they will be thankful for an extra set when one of hats falls out of the stroller (or baby tosses it) and they are up the creek on a cold day.

              7am Enfant The Cub Set Teddy 

              12. Teether

              When the teething phase sets in, the little is going to try and chew on just about everything. Give them something safe that will help soothe their gums. This Chewbeads teether is perfect because it easily attaches to car seats and strollers for on-the-go babes.

              Chewbeads Gramercy Stroller/Car Seat Toy 

              13. Bib Pack

              There is truly no such thing as having too many bibs when you have a newborn baby. Needless to say, the parents will truly be grateful for a gift that hits the most important mark of all when it comes to newborns—something that is highly functional and useful to them in their day-to-day lives.

              Pip PEA Pop The Bib Pack 

              14. Crinkle Book

              When it comes to gifts for a newborn boy, you can’t go wrong with a crinkle book. It will likely be their favorite toy during that early stage when they are absolutely obsessed with the crinkle sound.

              Manhattan Toy Soft Book  

              15. Cute Outfit

              Gift their mini a cute set that will take them from pumpkin picking to holiday gatherings to the family portrait shoot. Given that newborns go through about 1,000 outfits per day, you probably can’t have too many.

              Maison Me Baby Andrew Set, Red & Navy Buffalo 

              16. Mobile

              Get them something outside the ordinary realm of gifts for newborn boys (or girls) and go for a mobile to hang above their crib. You might want to check with the parents first to see what their nursery design vibe is first, and if they have a theme for the room, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun here.

              Flensted Mobiles Flying Swallows Mobile 

              Kristin Tice Studeman

              Kristin Tice Studeman is a NYC-based lifestyle writer and mom to her one-year-old son, Myles. Her work has appeared in global publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, and more.