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              illustration of a baby crawling toward Christmas gifts

              Make It Holiday!

              The Very Best Gifts for Baby's First Christmas

              Stumped on the best gifts for baby's first Christmas? Unless you have an incredibly precocious child, they're not going to be sending a Christmas list to Santa just yet, but we've got you covered with the most magical gift ideas for the under-one set.

              Louise Lockhart

              Teeny tiny bloomers. A lilliputian blanket. All the little animals. Shopping for babies is adorable and, frankly, overwhelming. But babies don't need much beyond the basics. We think the best gifts for a baby's first Christmas make a family's life easier or more magical. So, if you're not the parents, consider asking them if they have anything on their list their child needs or take cues from how they parent–from the colors they tend to gravitate toward to how much space they have for toys. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you can wait for the cute texts to start rolling in. 

              Best Christmas Gifts for Newborns

              If you're shopping for gifts for newborns, we love cozy winter clothes that will keep babies warm into the new year (we're especially into the Baby Sutton Cashmere Bundle from Maison Me), personalized gifts just for them, and toys that can grow with them as they quickly turn into toddlers. Parents typically receive essentials like strollers and highchairs and onesies at their shower or when their baby is born, so for Christmas keep it fun or functional but suited to the season.
              baby in gingham overalls from Maison Mebaby in gingham overalls from Maison Me

              Christmas Gifts For a 1 Year Old

              One-year-olds are endlessly curious, and since they learn through play, we love Christmas gifts for toddlers that give them opportunities to explore the world around them. You'll know you have a winner when they play with a toy longer than they play with the box. Open-ended toys like blocks and stacking toys help babies practice fine motor skills, while dolls build empathy skills.
              one year old girl with her motherone year old girl with her mother

              Activity Gyms & Playmats for Mini Gymnasts

              If a baby already has an activity gym, new accessories can introduce new shapes and colors to their tummy time routine–they typically slide, tie, or velcro onto the base. If they don't have a playmat, you'll find them in cheeky shapes like lily pads or pears or choose a black and white print to stimulate their developing minds.


                toddler and baby on activity mat for babys first christmastoddler and baby on activity mat for babys first christmas

                Monogrammed Gifts for Baby's First Christmas

                From sweet Christmas outfits to retro chore coats, a monogrammed gift is a thoughtful gift idea for a baby's first Christmas. Elevate everyday essentials like baby blankets and bibs with embroidery or celebrate a growing family with matching beaded bracelets. For an out-of-the-box idea, we love personalized sunnies and linen crowns for pretend play. Or eternalize those first few doodles by adding the design to a tote bag made for schlepping baby gear.
                babies in monogrammed Christmas pajamas in front of a treebabies in monogrammed Christmas pajamas in front of a tree

                Christmas Ornaments for Baby's First Christmas

                Starting the tradition of choosing a Christmas ornament every year that's theirs to hang on the tree is a genius gift idea for a baby's first Christmas. It could be a zebra for a zoo-obsessed kid, a nutcracker for one that loves to dance, or a palm tree to remember their first trip. As they get older, ornaments can commemorate milestones like winning a diving meet or taking horseback riding lessons. Finally, you can write or stitch the year on a ribbon threaded through the ornament to make it an heirloom.
                Christmas tree decorated with presents and ornaments for babys first ChristmasChristmas tree decorated with presents and ornaments for babys first Christmas

                Plush Toys for Little Loves

                As their little personality starts to shine through, a plush toy can be a nod to this stage of their life–a cuddly owl for the baby that never sleeps, a taxi for a city kid, or a lion for a baby that has a serious set of lungs.
                one year old girl opening presents at her first Christmasone year old girl opening presents at her first Christmas

                Push & Pull Toys for Little Walkers

                Push and pull toys come in all different sizes so there is something for every baby–musical snails, a trolley with tools, or a buggy filled with blocks. If you're shopping for a younger baby, we love a walker with activities like knobs and gears, while one-year-olds may appreciate a push-along toy like a chicken with flapping wings or a classic pull train.
                baby with toy walker baby with toy walker

                STEM Toys for Inquisitive Minds

                Babies love exploring the world with simple STEM toys like sensory balls, shape sorters, and soft books with flaps and moving pieces that help develop fine motor and pre-literacy skills. Go for small, squishy things with velcro or a way to attach it to a stroller to keep babies engaged on the go or waterproof toys for bathtime.


                  baby shaking STEM rattle toysbaby shaking STEM rattle toys

                  Christmas Clothes for Party Animals

                  Babies want to party, too! So get them in on the action with holiday pajamas that coordinate with the rest of the family–grandma too! Take advantage of their first Christmas to go with whatever holiday dressing vibe brings you joy before they can object, whether that is a sweet reindeer sweater, a smocked dress, tartan overalls, or something sparkly.
                  baby in tartan Christmas tree and presentsbaby in tartan Christmas tree and presents