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              The Dream Edit

              Registry Gifts You'll Actually Want

              From reading the fine print on everything from cribs to carseats, to distinguishing between a plethora of bottles and learning that wipe warmers are a thing, the registry struggle is real. So we asked a few of our favorite mamas to look beyond the practical and share the most special things they’re dreaming of for baby.

              What is a Baby Registry Exactly

              A baby registry is your chance to curate everything you'll need for your baby's first few months. It serves as both a wishlist for your loved ones to support you and a way to keep track of essential purchases like cribs and strollers, as well as smaller items like thermometers and onesies. Creating a mix of price points and types of things is helpful. While many parents opt for a universal registry that consolidates items from various stores, when to start a registry is flexible. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to what to include on your registry—it's about finding what works best for your family.

              The Benefits 

              A baby registry can be your (not-so-secret) way to ensure you receive the perfect gifts you truly want. By creating a thoughtfully curated list, you guide your loved ones in selecting something you'll adore, but you also give them the joy of knowing their gift will be put to good use. Plus, it's an excellent way to avoid receiving duplicate items, saving you time and hassle. Imagine having all your baby gear consolidated into one convenient place. That's the magic of a baby registry; it allows you to compile your wish list to the specific brand and model.

              Whether you have a baby shower or not, your friends and family can come together to contribute, so you have everything you'll need before your mini arrives. You don't need to feel pressured to add every baby item under the sun. Most people agree that a more concise registry is ideal, with around 150 items being a reasonable range. Whether you're a first-time mom of twins who needs the ultimate baby registry checklist or have limited space in a small apartment and are looking to create a minimalist baby registry, you can choose to focus on the essentials that fit your lifestyle and available space. It's all about finding what works best for you and your growing family.

              Elizabeth Damrich, Interior Designer

              Elizabeth Damrich is an interior designer and stylist based in Mobile, Alabama. After a stint in NYC and five years in Charleston, Elizabeth's style can be described as southern, romantic modernism with a nod to the past. She and her husband are renovating a historic, neoclassical home in the port city. Follow along @liz_damrich

              "The nesting phase is a very real thing! We sold and moved into a new house when I was 35 weeks pregnant which was a complete whirlwind. We're finally putting the finishing touches on Genevieve's nursery design and couldn't be happier with it!"
              Liz Damrich and her new baby at their home Liz Damrich and her new baby at their home

              Michelle Kennedy, Founder and CEO, Peanut

              Michelle Kennedy is the co-founder and CEO of the app Peanut which helps mamas befriend other likeminded mamas. The 36-year-old lives in London with her husband and their five-year-old son and new baby girl. Here's what her registry dreams are made of. Follow along @peanut

              “When my son was born, I was given a cashmere blanket as a gift. At the time, it felt a little too luxurious to use on a newborn-did he really need cashmere!? But I used it everyday. Not too warming, comforting on flights or when traveling, and never irritated his skin. He still loves it. So I can't wait to get this one for my new little Peanut.”
              snapshots of Michelle Kennedy and her family awaiting the newest member of their family snapshots of Michelle Kennedy and her family awaiting the newest member of their family

              Carly Cushnie, CEO, Cushnie

              This London-born now New York-based designer is CEO and creative director of her namesake line. Recognized for her ability to dress women the way they want to be dressed, her understanding of fashion extends far beyond the technical (though she's quite adept at that too). With baby #1 having just arrived, here's what she wants—but maybe doesn't need? Jury's out. Follow along @carlycushnie

              I registered for furniture and decor pieces that could fold effortlessly into our home and not disrupt the adult vibes too much…I love Gray Malin imagery, the vibrant pink and cheekiness of it makes it perfect for a little girls room.”
              Carly Cushnie and her baby Carly Cushnie and her baby

              Casey Fremont, Executive Director, Art Production Fund

              Casey Fremont is the mother of three boys having just welcomed Ozzy, the newest member of the family, and is Executive Director of Art Production Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to commissioning and producing ambitious public art projects, reaching new audiences and expanding awareness through contemporary art. Follow along @caseyfremont

              "I’m someone who is very into a nightly baby bath to calm and clean my minis. A hooded towel is a must, and these Pehr towels are so soft and have the cutest tassel on top."
              Casey FremontCasey Fremont

              Jade Tolbert, Maisonette Muse

              Jade Tolbert rose to fame on our favorite guilty pleasure, The Bachelor, finding her husband along the way (she met Tanner Tolbert while filming the show's spinoff Bachelor in Paradise). With her second baby due in August, she is in need of a refresh! Here are a few of our top picks. Follow along @jadelizroper

              "The urge to nest for the arrival of baby #2 is unreal! We are not only building out a new nursery for the baby but also giving our little girl's room an upgrade. It's such a fun time. I love a good gift set, and this Snugabye gift set is everything I need and more!"
               Jade Tolbert Jade Tolbert

              Maayan Zilberman, Founder, SWEET SABA

              Maayan Zilberman was born on a Kibbutz in Israel and grew up in Vancouver. Following several creative pursuits—including launching the cult-favorite lingerie brand The Lake & Stars—she now is an artist and owns luxury candy company Sweet Saba. Having just become mother to a new baby girl, here are the things she thinks are super special. Follow along @maayanzilberma

              “All the products I chose are pieces I see my daughter enjoying in our creative household. I wanted bright colors, textures, and vibrant imagery to stimulate and inspire her from a young age.”
              Maayan Zilberman and her new baby with her registry picksMaayan Zilberman and her new baby with her registry picks