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Baby on Board

Maisonette Moms On The One Thing They Couldn’t Live Without Post-Baby

Sure, there will be a lot of things you need in those early days, but in our experience, one will rise above as the absolute-couldn't-do-this-thing-without-it-winner. Here, three Maisonette moms share their most transcendent discoveries. You can add them to your registry now and thank us later.


Sylvana Ward Durrett, Co-Founder & CEO

“A sound machine will be your lifeline. I've never turned mine off. It really does help to soothe the baby and help them sleep. The Baby Shusher takes it to the next level with its ancient shushing technique. It’s designed to be portable so you can use it literally anywhere, in the stroller, in the car, wherever you need it.”


Luisana Mendoza de Roccia, Co-Founder & President

“A carrier is a must. It frees you up to move around the house, deal with other kids, run quick errands. Sometimes having to stay at home while they nap can be difficult, there’s always so much to do. Babies love napping in the carrier and it gives you the flexibility to take your older kid to the park or go out for a walk, etc. My mom used to joke that my third daughter had a fourth trimester in the carrier. We decided to travel when she was two months and she basically lived in it for the month we were traveling. It’s particularly useful when you need to move seamlessly through to airport and onto the plane with other small children.”


Jessica Sailer Van Lith, Creative Director

“Showering seemed impossible in those early days. I didn't want to leave the baby alone so the Baby Bjorn bouncer was honestly a lifesaver. It's lightweight and easy to move. I just set it right next to the shower where I could see the baby and, miraculously, not have to rush."