An Insider's Guide to Culver City

Kelly Harris

An Insider's Guide to Culver City

Kelly Harris is the owner of the quintessential Culver City boutique, Midland (with her business partner Paige Appel), and their husbands own the liquor slash general store just down the street. So it’s fair to say she knows her way around the neighborhood. Here, the mama to three littles under six shares her favorite destinations for a summer day spent en famille.

Written By Kelly Harris
Photography Nicki Sebastian

Super Domestic
This teeny tiny coffee shop covers all the bases: perfectly made oat milk lattes, vegan, gluten-free donuts and kid-sized steamed milk for the girls.  There’s also a great view of the Sony Studio’s Rainbow by Tony Tasset from the benches outside.

Baldwin Hills Overlook
Once we’re good and caffeinated, we often take the kids for a short walk / hike at Baldwin Hills Overlook.  There’s nothing better in these summer months than getting out in nature together.  Sometimes we'll start at the bottom and climb our way up the hill.  We usually end up carrying tired kiddos for portions of this uphill hike. Other days, when we want a more relaxed experience, we’ll drive to the top and pile out to explore the flowers along the paths. There are so many native blooming flowers up on the hills. Another plus, there are bathrooms and a water fountain at the top!  And on a clear day you can see all the way downtown from the overlook.

Midland and Hi-Lo Market
A trip to Culver City is never complete without a stop in at Midland and Hi-Lo, obviously. At Midland we might grab a gift or some chocolate for friends we’ll be seeing later. Then we’ll stroll over to Hi-Lo for some snacks and beverages. I usually walk out with a Vybes CBD drink and some orange wine for later. The kids tend to grab their favorite chips (currently pickle chips), a Perfect Bar or a juice. If it’s a Friday we’ll also grab a bouquet of flowers to freshen the house for the weekend. 

Platform / Loqui
For lunch we can avoid getting back in the car and just walk up the street to Platform. Our favorite spot is Loqui for tacos and quesadillas. They make their own flour tortillas and they are to die for. Buy an extra bag to go for later in the week, trust me.  The kids love their quesadillas with a side of rice and beans. After grabbing a bite, Platform is a great place for the kids to run around, play, and explore before heading back home for naps.  Sometimes we snag a treat at Van Leeuwan Ice Cream - their Honeycomb flavor is my personal favorite.

Central Park Bandshell / Playa Vista
In the summer months there are outdoor concerts and movies at the Bandshell in Playa Vista. The kids love running around and dancing to the tribute bands. We just pack a blanket and some snacks and pick some things from the great food trucks lined up all along the street. There’s also a rad little park right there. These nights where we stay out a bit past bedtime, have a picnic dinner and hang with friends in the outside air are what summer is all about.