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              mermaid decor and outfits

              Birthday Parties

              The Best Ideas For Planning A Mermaid Birthday Party

              It’s the Ariel effect: Toddler boys and girls start to obsess over everything under the sea around age two. If your little one loves flipping their fins in the bathtub, they’ll really flip when you throw them a mermaid birthday party. Here's how.
              Written By
              Elyse Moody

              Don’t worry if you don’t have a pool out back. With this bounty of under-the-sea gear, it’s easy to make any venue a fun and colorful part of their world.

              How many fathoms deep do you want to go? Opt to keep it simple with a cake and paper goods in a mermaid theme, or make it an aquatic princess dress-up party complete with take-home “fins.” 

              Mermaid Birthday Party Food Ideas

              Goldfish Colors crackers are just the beginning. Try fruit sushi for kids—it’s finger food that’s delicious and surprisingly easy to assemble in advance. Ocean-themed bento food picks make these snacks even more tempting to little kids. Add “octopus” sesame noodles, “seaweed” edamame hummus, and “sea” cucumbers for dipping. It’s a low-stress spread, since everything can be prepped and chilled ahead of time. For adults, you can just order regular sushi; they’ll be thrilled to have something healthy and filling to eat.

              Ariel cakes abound at bakeries and even grocery stores, and we love them. To personalize one a bit, you could add mermaid cake topper. If you want to do something a little more custom, consider Rainbow Fish–inspired cupcakes. Take this Betty Crocker inspiration in a softer, shimmery direction by baking cupcakes in mermaid liners then icing them in pastel “scales.” (You could also ask a local baker to do it.) This mermaid fin cake mold is all you need for another DIY dessert.

              Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations

              Start with a bubble blower for an under-the-sea effect. This battery-operated or plug-in bubble blower machine runs for 30 minutes continuously. Kids will love running around in the waves of bubbles.

              Pearlized latex balloons in shades of pink, purple, green and blue stand in for shimmery mermaid scales. You can create a photo backdrop wall by adhering “tiles” made of balloon-covered poster board to it with double-sided foam tape. Looking for something a bit less crafty? You can also find mermaid balloon arch kits on Etsy; these would be adorable at the entrance or near the snack area at your party.

              Just remember that latex balloons aren’t safe for kids to play with, so hand them mylar balloons only. Tie one of these seahorses to each guest’s chair.

              Mermaid Birthday Party Supplies

              Buy shimmery pastel plates in your color palette, or go even deeper on theme with special mermaid cups, plates and napkins. Seahorse napkins match your balloons. Reusable bamboo clam plates are one great sustainable option; these disposable shell plates are made of eco paper. It doesn’t get cuter than these pastel fringe cups—adults and kids alike will love them.

              Mermaid Birthday Party Activities

              Start collecting bubble wrap now! There are so many fun mermaid games kids can play with it. (As if just popping it weren’t fun enough.) Lay out a bunch of bubble wrap on the floor, turn on the Little Mermaid hits and play the freeze game: Tell kids to jump around popping bubbles until you stop the music.

              Bubble wrap is also the perfect material for making mermaid tails. Cut out fin shapes in advance. Older kids can make their own mermaid tail wrap by gluing on extra-large sequins and just add the fin.

              If you’re looking for something premade, these color-your-own mermaid tail coloring sheets are adorable. Set them out with shell-shaped recycled crayons that kids can take home. 

              A mermaid dress-up treasure chest is another sure hit. Fill it with all the finery Ariel might have saved from a shipwreck (ruffly shirts and dresses from your closet; anything with sequins, floaty scarves), plus mermaid “pearl” necklaces, crowns, tiaras and other accessories. Just be sure to have multiples so nobody fights over their favorites.

              Mermaid Birthday Party Favors

              Send littles home with splashy treats to keep the mermaid party theme going. Fill shell-shaped mermaid gift bags with bubbles, mermaid temporary tattoos (here’s another great, glittery option) and stickers. For bath time fun, add this whipped mermaid soap. It’ll turn their nightly routine into a colorful underwater adventure.

              Mermaid Birthday Party Gifts

              As for what to gift the birthday girl or boy themselves, there are so many cute mermaid birthday gift options. Here’s what we know: Anything sparkly is sure to be a hit.

              Dress-up ideas never fail. This tutu is cute for smaller kids; a sparkly fin wrap skirt or magical skirt and tiara will get a lot of mileage with bigger ones. Then there’s this full costume or dress—any mermaid-loving kid’s best treasure.

              Who wouldn’t want to star in their own mermaid dreams? This glittery duvet lets them play Ariel in all their pretend games. It comes with a matching pillowcase that puts a seahorse crown atop their head.

              For summer birthdays, you can’t miss with a swimsuit. Our favorite is this fringe-y option for kids 24 months to size 7; it has built-in sun protection too. Here’s another one for kids 6 and up; this suit with ove rsize paillettes is adorable for toddlers up to big kids. Complete the gift with bejeweled mermaid swim goggles or a glittery pool float.

              Bundle your present up in this mermaid gift wrap to make a big splash.

              Mermaid Birthday Outfits