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              illustrated Valentines cards for kids with bears flowers and hearts

              Valentine's Day

              The Cutest Kids Valentine's Cards

              We loved our Valentine's Day illustrations so much we made them into printable Valentine cards. Stash one in your mini's lunch box, slip it into the perfect pair of pink pajamas, or print enough for the whole class.
              printable valentine cards for kids


              How to print our printable Valentine's cards:

              Click to download, print and cut along the dotted lines. Each page will print six unique Valentine's cards. Use heavier-weight paper like 65 lb for the best results, and they'll never know you forgot to buy Valentines. 

              If you're making them with your child for school, give yourself some time (and grace!) to get through all those to and from lines. Writing 20-30 names can be surprisingly tricky.

              Here are a few pro tips to simplify the kids' Valentine's card experience. Pick a path based on your child's age, interest, and their teacher's suggestions.

              1. Print or write out each child's name so they have the spelling in front of them and can concentrate on their handwriting.

              2. In pencil or colored marker, write the names on each kid's Valentine's card and have your child trace over it.

              3. Skip the to line altogether and focus on from line.

              4. Tackle the names yourself and have your kid add stickers and glitter, or attach a sweet treat with washi tape.