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              a village made of colorful painted cardboard box houses

              Holiday Spectacular

              DIY Holiday Village

              In this fun installment of Home for the Holidays with Maisonette, Los Angeles based set-designer and mother of two, Chloe Fleury, shares a colorful craft idea your littles will adore.

              Can you give us a step-by-step guide to creating your holiday village?

              Of course! You will need: Cardboard, pencil, tape, glue, paint, papers.

              1. Draw your houses on cardboard following the templates and cut them out. Feel free to make it your own by changing the shapes of the windows and doors.

              2. Assemble with glue or tape (from the inside so it doesn't show.)

              3. Paint the houses and decorate. Here I used paint mostly but you can also use wallpaper, colored tapes, stickers. I used patterned paper for the little curtains and made some stencils for the heart on the door, dots on the trees and ornaments on the green house. For the window frames I used lines of tape. It is the details that will make your houses special and it will add to the holiday magic.

              My girls are now playing non-stop with their dolls and the houses. They are also a fun place to hide and seek!

              a little girl inside a colorful cardboard box house playing with a snowman

              More generally, what is your best advice for creating a fun holiday project for kids?

              I'd recommend to always save packaging like cardboard boxes, bottle caps, empty tape rolls, toilet paper rolls. Fill a bag so you are always ready to create and make things with your little ones. Even when going on walks and hikes always pick up some sticks, rocks... anything that inspires you. And the more you do that, the more inspired you will be.

              a little girl inside a colorful cardboard box house

              What was the inspiration behind the elements you chose for your village?

              For the houses I was inspired by a trip to Copenhagen a couple years ago. I really loved all the cute and colorful houses. Books are always a good inspiration for us, too, and I was inspired by the Maison Me collection for the color palette.

              How will you and your family be celebrating the holidays this year? And what are you most looking forward to?

              Unfortunately our family in France won't be able to come to LA for the holidays because of Covid restrictions, so we will probably celebrate just the four of us cozy in our home. The girls and I will probably be baking a lot, and doing more crafts while listening to Christmas songs.