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        kids eating breakfast foods that look like a bear, rainbow, ice cream

        Fun Breakfasts to Make Mornings Magical

        Laura Prietto shares three fun breakfast ideas for kids that make mornings magical using simple ingredients in unexpected combinations – and a few sprinkles.

        Laura Prietto


        • 1 Piece of toast
        • 1/4 of a bagel
        • Cream cheese
        • Fruit like blueberries, grapes, mango, strawberries

        • Sprinkles (if you'd like)

        How-to Make Rainbow Toast:
        • Toast a piece of bread and half of a bagel.
        • Use a cookie cutters or a knife to create three cloud shapes. We used a large and small flower cookie cutter but you can also wing it.
        • Cut the bagel in half to create a half ring and arrange the ring and cloud shapes to look like a rainbow and clouds.
        • Add a layer of cream cheese to both the bagel and the toast.
        • Add cut fruit in colorful rings, color by color.
        • Sprinkle clouds with sprinkles to add sparkle!
        fun rainbow breakfast for kidsfun rainbow breakfast for kids

        BEAR BAGEL

        • 1/2 of a bagel
        • Banana slices
        • Mini pancakes • Grapes
        • Blueberries
        • Pretzel

        How-to Make a Bear Bagel:
        • Toast half of a bagel and add a schmear of peanut butter and place it on the plate.
        • Add two mini pancakes (that you make or buy) for ears and one in the center of the bagel for a nose. If you'd like, top the nose with a few pretzels pieces.
        • Top the ears with banana slices.

        • Add banana slices topped with blueberries for eyes above the pancake nose.
        • Add a halved grape to either side of the nose for sweet cheeks.
        bear bagel cute breakfast idea for kidsbear bagel cute breakfast idea for kids


        • Toast
        • Peanut butter • Waffle
        • Yogurt
        • Cherry
        • Sprinkles (if you'd like)

        How-to Make an Ice Cream Waffle:
        • Trim two triangles off a waffle creating an ice cream + cone shape and add this to a piece of toast topped with peanut butter glue.
        • Top the curved top portion of the waffle with a dallop of yogurt along with a few sprinkles if you'd like.
        • Garnish with a fresh cherry on top!
        cute breakfast that looks like ice creamcute breakfast that looks like ice cream



        Laura Prietto is a mom, middle school teacher, and avid crafter. Making beautiful things from pieces of nature and upcycled materials is what she enjoys most. Born and raised in New Orleans, Laura now lives in Southern California with her husband and two kids. Connect with Laura on Instagram at @_laura_prietto.

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