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              spring craft with flowers

              Arts & Crafts

              Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

              Celebrate the beauty and colors of spring with these fun floral crafts. From egg carton daffodils to clothespin butterflies, most everything you’ll need you already have at home, making it easy to hop to the good part.

              Written By
              Laura Prietto

              Clothespin Butterflies

              Make a beautiful butterfly by adding flower petals and nature bits to watercolor-painted wings. Add a wood clothespin for a body, and these floral creations will be ready to fly away.

              Clothespin Butterflies Clothespin Butterflies

              Egg Carton Daffodils

              When you open up an egg carton, you’ll find the pointy pieces perfectly resemble the center of a daffodil. Paint the petals by hand or make a potato stamp as we did, and glue the egg carton pieces to the center for a lovely vase of daffodils that will last all spring.

              Egg Carton DaffodilsEgg Carton Daffodils

              Coffee Filter Sun-Catchers

              A fun way to decorate your windows for spring–the shadows these flowers make are the best! First, color a coffee filter with washable markers. It’s fine to leave some white spaces because you’ll spritz with water and crumble them until the colors spread throughout. Lay flat to dry, then fold into quarters or sixths. Cut as you would a paper snowflake. To make them fit in with the season, you can cut flower and butterfly shapes.

              Coffee Filter Sun-CatchersCoffee Filter Sun-Catchers

              Flower Ice Cream Cones

              Did you know you can paint on flowers? We used watercolors to paint the gardenias that grow in our yard. You can scoop them onto an egg carton cone, and if you add on a round red flower, that will be the cherry on top.

              Flower Ice Cream ConesFlower Ice Cream Cones

              Frozen Floral Rainbow

              If you’ve ever wanted to freeze the beauty of a moment in time, freezing florals allows you to do just that. Arrange freshly cut flowers in the shape of a rainbow or any design you’d like in a shallow dish (we used a take-out container lid). Add water and place in the freezer overnight. The next morning you’ll have a beautiful frozen rainbow to hold up to the sky. Watch it melt in the sunlight or place it in your garden to water the soil slowly.

              Frozen Floral RainbowFrozen Floral Rainbow

              A Dandy-Lion

              Turn an ordinary toilet paper tube into the dandiest lion with a handful of dandelions. Then, use a hole punch to make the perfect space for threading stems into a mane. A fun activity for little fingers!

              A Dandy-LionA Dandy-Lion

              A Cardboard Bouquet

              A painted cardboard vase is the perfect way to display fresh flowers. Make holes in the cardboard above the vase (we used a small screwdriver) and arrange your florals however you’d like.

              A Cardboard BouquetA Cardboard Bouquet

              Laura Prietto

              Laura Prietto

              Laura Prietto is a mom, middle school teacher, and avid crafter. Making beautiful things from pieces of nature and upcycled materials is what she enjoys most. Born and raised in New Orleans, Laura now lives in Southern California with her husband and two kids. Connect with Laura on Instagram at @_laura_prietto.