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              Hands creating a felted design on a children's sweatshirt

              Holiday Spectacular

              DIY Personalized Felting

              California-based mama and designer Melissa of @melissasonico (along with her son, Harrison) shares how to personalize your favorite pieces using a unique felting technique.

              Step 1: Gather Your Supplies:

              —a felting needle (plus the holder/handle)

              —different colors of wool roving for whatever design you choose (Harrison is learning about mushrooms and other fungi, so he chose red, cream, and black with a little grey for detailing.)

              —a foam felting block to put inside the sweatshirt so the felt doesn't go through the other side

              You can find everything by supporting your local craft or sewing shop. I got my whole kit from Etsy and put it in an old repurposed Christy Dawn wooden dress box.

              a white sweatshirt with a mushroom felt applique

              Step 2: Make Your Shape

              Take a bit of the red roving and shape it vaguely into the cap of the mushroom and place it in the desired spot on your garment. Harrison chose the middle. (Be sure to shape it into a bigger size than you want because it shrinks down during felting).

              Step 3: Now Refine It

              Poke the needle over and over through the top layer of your chosen garment into the foam block, shaping it more and more with the needle as you go.

              Little boy wearing the mushroom sweatshirt sitting with plants and art

              Step 4: Add Details 

              Add on details like the white spots and the stalk and the ring around the stalk, etc. It’s a long process, but mostly repetitive so it’s fairly easy to do— and addicting!

              Make sure not to let your child out of your sight, and a big tip is to tell them not to stab too hard or too deep (he broke two of my needles that way!). Harrison is almost 5 and very careful, but if you feel like your child can’t quite handle the needle yet, they can still choose the design and color and placement.

              And there you have it! A groovy little mushroom to personalize a gift for your little one or anyone on your holiday list. 

              felted mushroom