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        Maisonette Returns Guide

        We’re a marketplace

        Maisonette is a marketplace of 800+ brands. When you place an order, each brand ships directly from their warehouse, storefront, or boutique to your door. Because of this, each return must be shipped back separately in its own box and with its own shipping label so it arrives at the correct return location.

        We Have a 30 Day Return Policy

        At Maisonette, we want you to love what you purchase from our site, and if you don’t, we offer easy returns for eligible products within 30 days of the delivery date. A flat return fee of $5.00 per return shipment will be applied for all returns regardless of reason. You will receive an email once the return is completed.

        To get started with a return, click here.

        Non-returnable items include:
        -Items marked as Final Sale
        -Items 30 days past the delivery date
        -Gift cards
        -Items sold “As Is” or in “Open Box” condition
        -Items that have been worn, washed, assembled, or otherwise fully unpackaged
        -Items that do not include their attached original tag
        -Items with damaged packaging (excludes damages from shipping) or items missing original packaging
        -Personalized, monogrammed or customized items
        -Swimwear that has been used or worn or is missing the sanitary liner and/or tags

        Holiday Return Policy

        Eligible items purchased between November 1 and December 15 may be returned by January 15 of the following year. Eligible items purchased after December 15 are subject to our standard 30-day return policy. A flat return fee of $5.00 per shipment will be applied for all returns, regardless of the reason.
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