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Parental Arts

How to Parent a Libra

From getting creative at home to seeking out adventure, Astrologer Alice Bell offers ways to connect with your beauty-loving Libra based on your own astrological sign.

Written By
Alice Bell
Louise Lockhart

Libra is the peacemaker of the zodiac. They’re very attentive to the needs of others, and they like to make sure everyone is treated fairly. If you have a Libra child, they may crave one on one time with family members or their peers, and they are naturally skilled at forming new friendships. It is through their close relationships that they are able to discover different sides of themselves. However, because your Libra loves being surrounded by people, they may get overly caught up in what everyone else is doing or thinking sometimes, rather than focusing on what their own hobbies and interests are. They also dislike conflict and they won’t be too disruptive at home, but they may need encouragement that it’s okay to assert themselves and let people know when they are upset.

Your Libra child may be full of creative ideas, so they may like to express their artistic side through crafts, writing, or telling stories. In addition, they have an eye for beauty, so they could be particularly interested in playing dress up in elaborate costumes, or they could enjoy outings like going shopping or to a museum.

If you’re a Fire Sign...

If you are an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius parent to a Libra, you and your child both have a lot to learn from one another. Because you tend to be very direct and sure of what you want, you may want to urge your child to develop this same confidence within themselves. Your child may always be polite because they never want to offend anyone, but you can show them the importance of speaking up amongst their peers and letting others know what they want or how they’re feeling. In turn, your Libra may teach you to be calm and level headed when you’re upset, and they may show you how to develop greater compassion toward others.

Your Libra child loves travel and learning, so you may enjoy going on adventures together, whether that be to the playground or as far as a new country on a family vacation. Your Libra is probably not a huge fan of high-intensity, competitive sports though, so if you want to sign your child up for after school activities you may want to consider something calmer, like dance lessons, gymnastics, or tennis. You are able to push your child to be independent and try out different interests, even if they don’t have a friend by their side.

If you’re an Earth Sign...

If you are a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn parent to a Libra, you are able to provide structure in your child’s life. Your Libra will appreciate how stable and reliable you are, and they may look to you as an example when forming their own friendships. Your Libra might also be full of new ideas for activities that they want to try or subjects they want to learn more about, so you can help them find the time to get started. You are able to shape their hopes and dreams into something more concrete by signing them up for art classes or music lessons.

Because your Libra can be in their head and may have a tendency to overthink everything, you will want to get them involved in grounding activities such as taking walks in nature together or sticking to a daily routine. Try not to be demanding and stern with your Libra though, because they tend to be afraid of conflict and confrontation. Your child may like to move at their own pace, so you may have to accept that they won’t enjoy the exact same schedule you have for yourself.

If you’re an Air Sign...

If you are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius parent to a Libra, you and your child think a lot alike. You are both ideas people, and you may enjoy having long conversations with one another. You might be good at teaching your child new words and showing them how to read. Engaging in story time or having them tell you about their day is how you bond and grow closer, and it’s unlikely that you will run out of things to say.

Because you and your Libra are both pretty social, you may often end up mingling with friends or having their classmates over to play. Completing puzzles and games, visiting the bookstore, or going to see live performances are activities that stimulate the mind and which you will enjoy doing together. You can also help your Libra to articulate their own ideas and opinions on what they like, instead of always looking to others to make decisions for them. However, you may not be the most outwardly emotional person, so you will have to strike a balance between giving your Libra a lot of affection, while also respecting their need for personal space.

If you’re a Water Sign...

If you are a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces parent to a Libra, you are able to teach your child how to listen to what their emotions are telling them. Your Libra probably loves being around their peers, but they may have a habit of taking on other people’s opinions and going along with activities just because everyone else is doing them. You can urge them to trust their own instincts, as well as showing them how to foster close, nurturing relationships, rather than giving all of their energy away in huge group settings.

You and your Libra love hanging out alone together, but your child may pull you out of your shell from time to time and get you to be social by taking them to the park or to friends' birthday parties. It may surprise you how open and friendly your Libra is, even with people they don’t know super well. In addition, you and your child both have a love for the arts and all things beautiful, so you might like visiting a museum or setting up a painting and drawing space for them.

British Vogue's resident-astrologer, Alice Bell was initially drawn to astrology to answer questions in her life related to relationships, work and her emotions. Friends and coworkers began approaching Alice, looking for similar answers to their challenges. Even though she has helped numerous clients, she is still amazed by astrology’s transformational effects. Follow her @stalkalice.